April 21

7 Current Marketing Trends That Are Happening Right Now

While there are new tools and fads popping up in marketing all the time, what you want to take a close look at is how the marketing methods are trending. What does your audience want? What is the best way to respond to their needs? That’s what these current marketing trends are all about.

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1: Increased Personalization

Marketers are always finding new ways to reach their audience, to the point where the typical person is bombarded by hundreds of ads daily. If you want to stand out in this noisy marketplace, then you need to make a move towards highly relevant, personalized ads, content, and other interaction.

You can do this in small ways, such as addressing people by name when they join a webinar. You can also do this in automated ways, such as greeting people by name in your newsletters and websites, whenever possible.

2: Shoppable Social Media Posts

Have you seen your friends share things on Facebook such as t-shirts with funny sayings? Those posts are funny or inspirational, which creates the viral effect. But they also include a link to purchase the item. That’s a shoppable post, and it’s the sort of content you’ll want to start creating if you’re not already doing so.

3: Privacy and Security Are Top Priorities

Seems like we’re hearing about data breaches as well as privacy intrusions on a monthly if not weekly basis. That’s why you’ll want to make privacy and security a top priority. Whenever possible, give your users more control over their own data, and detail your policies in clear, accessible ways.

4: More Interactive Content

Good information is always valued and appreciated. However, interactive content is what keeps people on your site longer and coming back for more.

One idea is to create niche-relevant quizzes for people to take, being sure to let them share their results on social media.

For example, if you’re serving dieters, you might have a fun quiz such as “What Piece of Exercise Equipment Are You?” You might also have a serious quiz such as, “Are You at Risk of a Heart Attack?”

5: Increased Accessibility

Google favors user-friendly sites, and this includes sites that are mobile responsive and accessible for those with disabilities. What’s more, there are many ADA compliance lawsuits popping up around the country, so it’s a good idea to address your website’s accessibility sooner rather than later.

6: More Voice Search Capability

Many people are beginning to use voice search on their phones. You’ll want to capitalize on this trend by determining how to optimize your site for these voice searches. Take note that voice searches tend to be longer than text searches.

For example, “What is the best way for a new mother to lose weight?”, voice search example, versus “weight loss new mother”, text search example.

7: Install Chatbots.

Instead of just having a knowledge center, which is good, you’ll also want to consider installing smart chatbots to help your audience. These chatbots will provide much the same information as your knowledge center, but they do it in a more personal, “humanized” and interactive way.


Which of these trends are you overlooking in your business? Be sure to make plans for addressing and capitalizing on these trends, as well as keeping an eye out for new trends as they emerge.[/ihc-hide-content]


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