GRASPED Always Follow Up

Good customer service is at the heart of every successful company. Whether it’s on the phone, online, or via a text message, customers want to be taken care of. As a business that wants them to refer new customers, you want to provide them with good support.

One of the most important parts of quality customer service is to be responsive. If a customer files a complaint, they want to hear back from you immediately. Many of them now use social media instead of calling a company, too.

For example, an upset customer might reach out to your Twitter account to complain. All it takes is a few seconds to reply.

Stay on top of all social media comments from customers, and make complaints your number one concern. Customers understand that stuff happens, and they’re more likely to refer you if they know you take issues seriously and handle them promptly.

Encourage your customer service representatives to be sincere when dealing with every client. Make sure they maintain a clear, professional tone, and are never too pushy.

On top of manual customer service attention, look into having a customer ticketing software system. This system allows each complaint to go through a thorough process to ensure  every single one is taken care of.

Above all else, remember that people will almost always remember how you made them feel, so aim for a happy ending to all issues reported.

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