GRASPED Automation with Chatbots

According to a Facebook study, 53% of consumers are more likely to shop with a business they can message, so having an AI bot is almost always a good idea.


AI-enabled bots can help you to automate repetitive tasks and market your business better. If you’re planning to utilize a chatbot for digital marketing, you’ll want to know its 3 main components:

  • You need to understand the context of each conversation to make it more work more effectively.
  • You should personalize each conversation so visitors will feel more connected to your brand.
  • You should leverage the idea of chatbot marketing by engaging your visitors in real-time, either with a bot or with a real human being.

Let’s look at some proven ways to use a chatbot for conversational marketing. Chatbots can help you automate the communication process and ensure a timely response for your visitors.

Using a chatbot can also help drive visitors through your sales funnel toward a conversion.

Here’s how this can work for you:

Automating part of the marketing process:

Conversational bots can help a lot with the hassles of marketing, making it easier and more streamlined by automating some of the processes—especially at those crucial early stages.

A chatbot can handle initial communications and collect information from visitors for your sales team to utilize.

You can use a chatbot to handle 24-hour communication on your website or app, to answer common questions, to guide users through sales issues, and to gather contact details for sales calls.

Boost your marketing conversations: “Marketing is all about conversations,” says Reve writer, Snigdha Patel.

The brands that manage to handle their customer communication effectively end up with a higher level of success compared to other companies.

Since your chatbot can automate a big part of your marketing process, that leaves you with more bandwidth to handle a higher volume of conversations so you can close more sales calls.

Chatbots, says Patel, can” help you reach out to more customers, start more conversations, and achieve a better engagement.”

Here’s how you can use marketing chatbots to increase your conversations:

  • You can use chatbot to market your products to new geographies, thus bringing you more chances for communication with prospective customers.
  • You can personalize the ways you communicate with those visitors and take a data-driven approach to reach out to new visitors.

Auto-Qualify your leads:

Most companies don’t rely just on their sales teams anymore.

Nowadays, you can use a chatbot to automate your lead qualification processes and come up with more leads.

Bots are great at asking relevant prequalifying questions to your website visitors, which will qualify your leads automatically.

Also, chatbots allow your prospective customers to make quick, easy choices by simply selecting whichever option on your menu that’s the most relevant to them. This makes it more engaging for the visitor.

Chatbot marketing adds value to your lead generation process by reducing the sales cycle, improving the entire sales process, saving agents’ time and allowing them to focus on more important things or filter out poor leads, and ensures lead generation in real-time so your visitors don’t have to wait for an answer.

Nurture the captured leads:

Information your bots can gather with lead generation (about your visitor’s needs, preferences, behaviors, etc.) can be used to get to know them better and help convert them into customers.

Once your marketing chatbot filters out the sales prospects, it can then transfer a high-intent customer to the sales team for closure, or schedule a meeting with customer service or sales.

The benefits of nurturing your leads with a chatbot include an increase in sales conversions and business revenue, boosted customer satisfaction, and an improved brand image and credibility.

Schedule meetings:

Booking a meeting with your customer is an important part of your marketing process, and those brands which are good at it usually get more leads than other companies.

Managing your appointments is a time-consuming job, though, and doing it manually can tie up your resources and leave no time for the other complicated issues your company must deal with.

To avoid this, you need to turn to an automated chatbot to save you time with your meetings.

Chatbots make it simple to schedule, modify, and cancel a meeting—all without involving a human being—and that can help a lot with your time constraints.

The chatbot can update your schedule to show the meeting, too, or schedule the meeting based on the team member’s availability.

By using a chatbot you can save time by having the schedules of all your employees on hand and allow your customer to vote on their best time for a meeting.

It’s also possible to get a meeting scheduled in seconds instead of going back and forth with humans trying to coordinate their calendars.

Personalize the user experience:

According to an Adlucent study, 71% of customers prefer personalized ads.


A personalized ad ensures a customized experience for your website visitors.

Using a chatbot, it’s amazingly simple to not only personalize their experience, but to ensure relevant offers and discounts. The good news is that all you need to do is utilize the data provided by the visitor, then leverage that to customize their visit.

This data can include their name, gender, location, browsing history, and even past purchases.

Program your chatbot to initiate conversations with your potential customers, therefore obtaining details you can use to customize their visit.

You can also use chatbot surveys to understand what a visitor expects of your brand, then use that information to bridge the gap between what your company is doing now and what you should be doing.

Offer order tracking and shipment details:

The last thing a customer wants to do after they book an order is to wait! Their frustration levels only grow when they can’t get any updates or status reports about that order. You can avoid this sort of thing by automating the process of order tracking.

Logistics companies are using AI-powered bots to increase their efficiency across the value chain. Customers can track their order in real-time by using your chatbot messenger and simply asking “Where’s my order?”

Widen your brand reach:

AI is a fantastic technology. It can widen your company’s reach without any substantial investment in terms of infrastructure.

AI-driven chatbots on social media messaging platforms allow your business to reach out to a larger audience and tap into new demographics without a huge investment.

Chatbot marketing can also help with lead generation in new markets, which means more growth for your company.

Your chatbots can be integrated across multiple messaging apps, thus allowing you to be more available to help the customers and opening new opportunities to increase your sales.

With a chatbot, you can grab your visitor’s attention—and even learn from the interaction, which allows you to send more relevant data about your products and services.

Using a chatbot can also help your business upsell and cross-sell in an engaging, conversational, and personal way.

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