GRASPED Developing An Action Plan

Becoming a successful influencer involves creating a plan of action that will take you from beginner-to-pro quickly and easily.

Developing a plan will also help you stay focused while catering to what your audience wants most.

Begin my creating a priority list. This would include the top tasks you need to complete in order to establish a foothold in your market and grow a following.


Create a blog and publish 5-10 posts to boost exposure and give people enough content to encourage them to return.

Set up social engagement automation using tools like Tailwind that will not only help you keep your accounts active, but will provide you with useful demographic and statistical information that can help shape your content and future campaigns.

Grow a YouTube channel: Publish 1 video every week on the same day to create a consistent schedule that subscribers will come to rely on.

Set up a mailing list account: Connecting with your target audience is a lot easier when you’re able to reach out to them whenever you choose so start building a mailing list right away.

Your influencer plan should also include specific hashtags that you’ll be targeting throughout your broadcasts and updates. Hashtags will become part of your brand and will help you connect with your key audience.

If you’re not sure what hashtags to use, spend some time researching what existing influencers in your market are actively using. Then, create a swipe file of all possible hashtags and vary it up in your messages.

You can use the All Hashtag Generator tool to quickly locate popular hashtags in your niche. It’s available here:

 Just enter a seed keyword and the website will display lists of suggested hashtags based on relevancy and overall popularity. This is a great way to find hashtags that a great fit for your brand.

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