Maximizing exposure and reaching new customers is easy with referral marketing. It begins by creating a referral program that clearly outlines your terms, requirements, payment options and benefits.

Then, make sure to deliver any incentives immediately, or if offering cash rewards, set up a delivery schedule that your referrals understand and stick to it.

Make sure to promote your referral program everywhere possible, including via social media, your website, newsletter, in purchase receipts and in follow-up emails.

Don’t be afraid to ask existing customers to join your referral program.  Happy customers who continue to purchase from you often make the best affiliates because they know your products and have personal experience with your business.

Make sure to reach out personally to your top affiliates.  Provide additional compensation or rewards to those who work hard to acquire new customers on your behalf.  People appreciate receiving tokens of appreciation even if it’s a simple thank you note. 

I hope this report has provided you with the information you need to create a successful referral program of your own.

To your success!

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