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April 24, 2022

GRASPED Avoid These 6 YouTube Marketing Blunders


YouTube is one of the most high traffic websites in the world. Although recent reports say its overall traffic is down considerably recently, it still has the most engaged audience of any major website. This means there is a huge potential for response if marketing is done correctly.

The trouble is, most people don’t know how to market effectively on YouTube. They take it for granted that with such a huge built-in traffic base, simply posting any video will be enough to get results.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

There are certain basic principles that must be taken into consideration in order to market effectively on YouTube. Otherwise, your efforts will likely be fruitless.

In this guide, you’re going to learn about the most common blunders people make with their YouTube marketing, and how you can avoid them. You’ll also learn how to make the most out of your YouTube marketing.

So let’s get started.

Blunder #1:

Expecting Miracles

One major mistake people make when deciding to use YouTube for marketing purposes is starting out with unrealistic expectations. In other words, one expects YouTube to be some miracle traffic generator, and that all one has to do is upload a video and they’ll receive thousands of views overnight.

After all, YouTube receives insane numbers of views, so it just goes to follow that your video will get a ton of traffic, right?


This mentality is the kiss of death for YouTube marketers. Seriously.

Yes, YouTube gets a lot of traffic. It may not get as much as it used to, but it still gets a massive number of daily visitors. It’s still in the top 10 of social media sites. It’s still a powerhouse.

However, it’s not enough to put up a bunch of generic videos and hope for a miracle. YouTube doesn’t work that way. The YouTube community has come to expect a few things from the videos uploaded there, and they aren’t likely to accept anything less.

Keep your expectations reasonable. You’re not likely to get a million views overnight, even if your video is interesting or useful. It will take a while to gain momentum, even if your video eventually goes viral.

As long as you create good content, people will eventually see it. Just don’t expect miracles.

Reasonably, you can expect to get anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand views the first few weeks on a good video if you’ve properly tagged it and you send a little traffic to it yourself to get it started.

Blunder #2:

Creating Commercials

Most people go to YouTube for one of two reasons:

  1. To be entertained
  2. To learn something

There aren’t many other reasons people go there. (Unless of course they’re uploading their own videos or checking their messages and such.)

Have you ever gone to YouTube specifically to watch a commercial? Maybe. But chances are, if you have, it was because that commercial was either (a) entertaining or (b) educational. You didn’t go watch it to let it sell you something.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they can create a commercial and it will sell their product on YouTube. The trouble with this thinking is that people don’t go to YouTube to be sold to. They aren’t going to watch your commercial. There’s no incentive for them to.

That’s not to say you can’t create a commercial for your product. It’s not even to say you can’t upload that commercial to YouTube. But you shouldn’t expect that commercial to do the heavy lifting of YouTube marketing for you.

Instead, create videos that are entertaining or educational. (Whichever format best fits your product or service.) Then you can link to your website, and your website can then host the commercial.

Think of it this way. People don’t generally watch television to see the commercials. They watch TV to be entertained or to learn something, right?

But there are commercials that may interest them and get them to purchase something.

So think of most of the videos you upload as your main content – your TV show, so to speak. And your “commercial” is there to sell someone on your product once you get them viewing your main content. Just link to your website and offer its URL within the video.

Blunder #3:

Relying on YouTube Alone

YouTube has the most traffic of any video sharing website. It also has engagement that is far above pretty much any website you can think of.

However, it’s not the only video sharing website!

To concentrate your efforts solely on YouTube is monumentally stupid. If you’ve already gone to the effort of creating the video, why not upload it everywhere you can? It only takes a few moments to upload that video to another site, so why not do so?

Here are a few other places you should be uploading your videos:

>> http://www.facebook.com

>> http://www.vimeo.com

>> http://www.vevo.com

>> http://www.dailymotion.com

>> http://www.veoh.com

>> http://www.metacafe.com

Blunder #4:

Ignoring Other Metrics

The main metric most marketers use to determine their success is, of course, total views of their videos. While this is certainly one useful metric, it is far from the only one you should be looking at.

You should also be considering other metrics, such as:

  1. The number of people who like your video vs. those who dislike it
  2. The number of people who like your video as a percentage of views
  3. The number of people who add your video to their favorites
  4. The number of people who share your video on social media
  5. The number of people who follow your call to action
  6. The number of people who comment on your video
  7. The actual traffic you receive to your website
  8. The number of sales you receive as a result of your videos

Remember, getting a large number of views to your videos may boost your ego, but it won’t boost your income. And ultimately, your goal for your YouTube marketing should be boosting your income above all else.

Be sure to look at the big picture. So, what if your video only gets 3,000 views in its first year if it brings 1,500 visitors to your website and 300 of those people buy something? That’s better than getting 500,000 views and only 20 sales, right?

Blunder #5:


Inconsistency is a huge problem for almost all YouTube marketers. They may upload two or three videos, see poor results, and give up. Or they may get bored creating videos. Or they may just forget to upload regularly.

But one of the major keys to continued success on YouTube is uploading new videos regularly. Not only is it a general numbers game (meaning the more videos you have, the more likely it is for someone to find one of yours) but it’s important to keep uploading videos regularly so that your current audience – meaning those who have subscribed to your channel – are constantly reminded you exist.

Why is that so important? After all, if they subscribe to your channel and haven’t bought anything, they’re useless, right?

Absolutely not!

Remember, it takes the average person about three times of viewing a particular piece of marketing or product before they decide to buy. So it’s vital to keep your current audience interest long enough to close the deal!

Upload regularly. Set a schedule for yourself and be consistent!

Blunder #6:

Poor Video Quality

The quality of your videos isn’t just about the resolution, light quality, sound quality, etc. It’s about a lot more than that. It’s about the overall presentation. It’s about the entertainment or educational value. It’s about the production.

You must strive to create the best possible videos in every way.

Here are some tips for making the best, most effective videos possible:

  1. Stick to a reasonable length. One major mistake people make is making videos that are either too short to be useful, or so long they become boring. If people leave before the end, they won’t receive your full marketing message!
  2. Include sound. A lot of people don’t include sound because they don’t like their voice. If you are one of those people, hire a voiceover artist. There are people who will do short voiceover work for $5 on fiverr.com! If you don’t want to include a voiceover, at least add interesting music. And be sure to use music your audience is likely to enjoy. Don’t use heavy metal or rap for an older audience, for example.
  3. Use good lighting. A lot of decent videos are absolutely ruined by having lighting that is too dark, too bright, or coming from the wrong angle. Make sure your video is well lit.
  4. Have a script before you start. You don’t necessarily have to stick to it 100%, but you should have a solid idea for exactly what you want to say before you get started so there isn’t a lot of dead air while you “umm” and “uhh” your way through.
  5. Cater to your audience. Don’t just create generic videos you think the majority of YouTube will enjoy. Create videos that will appeal to your specific audience. (For example, don’t create comical videos for a serious audience and vice versa.)
  6. Don’t forget to tag your videos. Tagging is an important way to help visitors find your video, so don’t forget this important step!
  7. Remind people to like and comment. YouTube gives more weight in the search results to videos that get more likes and comments, so tell people to do this!

Ultimately, just be sure to create videos your audience is likely to respond to. Look at other popular videos in your genre to see what is working. If they have a lot of views and likes, chances are the audience is responding well to them and you can emulate them.


Marketing on YouTube isn’t as difficult as it may seem, but there is a lot of room for error. Because YouTube has set a lot of high expectations for visitors, they won’t respond well if you make any of the mistakes outlined in this guide.

As long as you’re mindful of the mistakes outlined here, and you are careful to produce the kind of content your audience expects, you should find yourself getting a good amount of traffic. Not only that, but it should also be relatively productive traffic, too.

The main thing to keep in mind is that YouTube, like most other traffic sources, isn’t some miracle method for getting millions of hits overnight. It takes time and effort. It takes a lot of thought and careful planning.

You can look back at this guide and reference these 6 mistakes time and time again to be sure you aren’t slipping up and going back to some of these blunders in order to keep your marketing at its best.

Best of luck in your video marketing efforts!


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