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April 20, 2022

GRASPED Building a Huge Army of Affiliates for Your Products


Anyone who has their own products needs affiliates to promote those products. Trying to do it all on your own is never going to get you the same level of results you could get if you have a significant number of active affiliates promoting your products.

Even if you were a super affiliate with a massive email list of your own, you still couldn’t possibly hope to have the same reach as you would with other people promoting you. There is no one in existence who has the ability to reach every potential customer in the world completely on their own. It simply isn’t possible!

This report will teach you the basics of building a huge army of affiliates to promote your products, and how to motivate them and keep them motivated so they will continue to promote your products on a regular basis.

You’ll also learn powerful strategies to stay in contact with affiliates and to extract from them their best possible efforts time and time again.

Following these strategies, you will be able to skyrocket your product sales more than you ever thought possible, and you’ll be glad you took the time and effort to build your own army of affiliate infantry men and women!

Let’s get started!

Centralizing Your Affiliate Program

One of the most important things you can do is to centralize your affiliate programs into one location. That means you should consolidate all of your products into one, easy-to-use location so people can find and promote many different products rather than just one.

There are many benefits to a centralized affiliate program, such as:

  1. Easier for affiliates to find products to promote
  2. Most affiliates prefer promoting multiple products from a single, trusted source
  3. Easier for affiliates to find promotional material
  4. Easier for you to stay in touch with affiliates about product launches
  5. Easier to run contests and promotions

These are just a few reasons why it makes sense to centralize your affiliate program. There are many, many more. It just makes sense every way you look at it.

You may think that because you use an affiliate network like Clickbank to manage your affiliate programs, you don’t need to worry about this. After all, Clickbank is a centralized affiliate program, right?

Well, yes. But it’s not your centralized affiliate program. Clickbank has a huge variety of products from a huge number of vendors. It’s easy for yours to become lost in the shuffle.

So even if you are using an affiliate network to manage your affiliate program, you can still set up a domain and include all of your products in one location. You can even include the affiliate links they need directly on your site so they don’t even have to go to Clickbank or whatever affiliate network you’re using to get a link. A simple script will allow them to input their username and it will automatically update affiliate links for them, so all they have to do it copy and paste.

Building an Affiliate Mailing List

Most people have a mailing list for customers/buyers, or at least they know they should. However, one thing many people overlook is the necessity of building a mailing list of affiliates.

Having a list of affiliates who are ready and waiting to promote anything you launch is extremely beneficial. It’s beneficial for them, as well, because everyone wants to be in on pre-launch promotions. People are actually more likely to sign up to an affiliate mailing list than to a general mailing list because they truly want to be informed of upcoming launches.

If your products are of great quality, and you provide great promotional material, you won’t have trouble keeping affiliates interested. However, finding those affiliates in the first place can be a little tricky.

Perhaps the best way to locate affiliates is by hanging out where affiliates hang out. In the internet marketing world, that happens to be the various internet marketing forums for the most part.

Sites like:

>> http://forums.digitalpoint.com

>> http://www.warriorforum.com

>> http://www.wickedfire.com

It might be a little harder if you’re in another field, but there are forums in most major niches, and you can also find affiliates who promote niche markets on any internet marketing forum.

Here are a few other ways to locate affiliates:

  1. Visit Facebook pages in the niche and ask if there are any affiliates interested in promoting a product in that niche.
  2. Ask for referrals. Many people wouldn’t think of referring people to your affiliate program. It wouldn’t even cross their mind. But reminding your current affiliates to do so may bring in some new affiliates.
  3. Find popular blogs and websites in the niche and contact the owners. You can try to find their contact information through WHOIS, but if it is private or you get no response, leave a comment on their blog, or look for a contact form.
  4. Advertise in industry magazines, especially trade magazines. Even brick-and-mortar business owners might be able to promote your affiliate program through something like redirecting a domain and giving out the URL on flyers in their place of business.

Once you have a mailing list built, even if it is only a handful of people, be sure to email them regularly. Don’t spam but keep in touch every week or two in order to remind them of you and encourage them to continue promoting you.

You can email them with information about upcoming product launches, discounts, coupon codes they can offer their customers, and even when you add new promotional material.

Contests for Product Launches

One way to greatly increase the results you see from affiliates is to offer contests for every new product launch. This is almost guaranteed to bring more affiliates on board, because everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts.

Monetary Rewards

If you don’t have a lot of money to purchase prizes, you can be creative with your contest. Instead of choosing specific prizes for “top sellers”, which is very general, and could end up being only a couple of sales if you don’t get any big affiliates, increase your specificity.

For example, instead of saying the top affiliate gets an iPad, state it this way:

“Out of all affiliates who earn at least $3,000 in commissions, a drawing will be held to win a brand new 64 GB iPad!”

This way, you’re guaranteed to be able to afford to purchase the prize, because even if you only have one affiliate, if they don’t earn at least $3,000 in commissions, they won’t qualify. (Depending on the prize, commission percentage, etc. you will need to adjust the minimum commissions required to qualify to be certain you can afford the prize, obviously.)

Now, this will discourage smaller affiliates, so you’ll also want to include special promotions just for those people. One way to do that is by offering a bonus for every so many sales. For example:

“For every 5 sales an affiliate makes, he will receive an extra bonus commission.”

In other words, if an affiliate earns $10 per sale, whenever he makes $50 in commissions, he will actually earn $60.

You might also offer smaller prizes that you could afford no matter what, like small denomination gift cards from Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

Non-Monetary Rewards

These kinds of bonuses keep affiliates motivated, but don’t forget that sometimes non-monetary rewards can be just as effective as monetary ones. This is especially true for affiliates that already make good money.

Sometimes just seeing one’s name on a list of top affiliates can give one a sense of accomplishment. It feels good to be recognized. It feels even better to be appreciated.

Offering a few non-monetary incentives like a list of top performers is another very good way to motivate affiliates, and it won’t cost you anything other than a little time to create the list.

Ongoing Contests for Motivation

In addition to contests for product launches, you should also consider holding ongoing contests that will keep affiliates motivated to promote your products in between launches.

One problem many product owners experience is the “temporary” nature of product launches. They experience a huge rush of sales in the beginning, and then the rush slows quickly to a mere trickle, or even nothing at all.

Fortunately, you can help turn your products into perpetual cash machines by offering ongoing contests that are designed to keep affiliates interested so they’ll continue promoting your products long after the initial launch.

Contests could be monetary or non-monetary. They could be based on the top affiliates, or on random affiliates. These types of contests motivate two entirely different types of affiliates.

Those that reward the top affiliates will motivate super affiliates, because they will feel confident of their ability to win. They will also tend to be more competitive because they won’t want to be outdone by their competition. After all, they have a reputation to maintain. The last thing they will want is to be the #5 seller and have their competitors outsell them.

However, those types of contests may actually de-motivate smaller affiliates. They may feel jealous, or like you don’t appreciate their efforts.

They may actually stop promoting you altogether. You may not care about one sale here and there but remember… those sales add up. If you have 100 small affiliates selling a copy or two each week, it can be a lot of money over time.

In order to motivate smaller affiliates, be sure to hold contests that will include them. For example, you could offer a $50 Amazon or iTunes gift card each week or month to a random person who sends at least one sale during that timeframe.

This will motivate people to keep promoting you, because they will know that as long as they send even one sale, they will have the chance to win a prize. Sometimes, just knowing you have a chance at something is a huge motivator.

Ongoing Bonuses

Bonuses are also great as ongoing incentives. You can offer perpetual bonuses for sales, and you can also offer cumulative bonuses.

For example, you can offer the bonus mentioned in the previous chapter (such as 1 bonus commission for each 5 sales). That would be the perpetual bonus. Then you can offer a yearly bonus for your top earners.

Like companies often give Christmas bonuses, you could give your top affiliates a Christmas bonus, as well. You might give them 10% of their total yearly sales as a bonus the first week of December.

However, you must either save 10% of your earnings all year to ensure you can cover this bonus, or just don’t tell anyone you’ll be doing it until it’s time to do it. Imagine how disastrous it would be for your reputation if you promised this and couldn’t afford to deliver!

Attracting Affiliates

Attracting affiliates isn’t as difficult as it may seem. The only reason most people seem to think it’s difficult to get affiliates is because they aren’t providing the things affiliates are looking for.

Quality, In-Demand Products

Perhaps the single most critical element of running an affiliate program is to provide quality products that are in high demand. It doesn’t matter what else you do, or how much you’re paying, if your products are low quality or are not in high demand, affiliates aren’t going to promote them.

It may be tempting to create products in small niches with less competition, and that’s fine for the occasional product. Just keep in mind that if a product is not in very high demand, the likelihood of anyone having traffic or a list to promote that product is slim.

Instead, stick mostly to products in very popular niches. Competition doesn’t matter so much when you have a large number of super affiliates promoting the product. And if you create a very high-quality product and follow the other tips in this chapter, you will!

Great Sales Copy

Another very important element of successfully finding affiliates is to be sure your products have killer sales copy. If the copy on your sales page isn’t up to snuff, affiliates can smell it a mile away and they aren’t likely to promote the product.

Do yourself a favor and hire a good copywriter to create your sales letter. If you can’t afford one, read some books on writing sales copy and save up to hire one as soon as possible!

If you’re low on funds, it is recommended that you pay for really great sales copy for one product and promote the heck out of it rather than trying to create a bunch of products with poor to mediocre copy.

Beautiful Graphics

Beautiful graphics aren’t absolutely critical, but they certainly help. People do judge a book by its cover, and they will judge a website by its graphics, as well. It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

If you don’t want to pay to get great graphics, you may want to use no graphics at all and just use a standard CSS or HTML template with sales copy. Some people say this works better than fancy graphics, anyway, because sometimes the graphics can detract from the actual sales letter.

Affiliate Tools

If you want to attract the best affiliates, then you need to provide them with the best tools. Not only will this attract affiliates to promote your products, but it will make it much easier for them to do so.

It is appalling that in today’s world, there are still affiliate programs that don’t provide promotional materials. They give you an affiliate link and then expect you to do everything else on your own. Shocking!

It’s important to provide a wide variety of tools to affiliates, because affiliates promote products in many different ways. Some use blogs or websites, some use email marketing, and still others have additional methods.

Here are some ideas for types of promo material to offer:

  1. Banners – Banners are the most common type of promotional material. They’re great for blogs, websites, ads inside apps, and other similar uses. Make sure to provide both static and animated banners, and provide them in all of the most common sizes.

    Some common banner sizes include 468×60, 468×80, 728×90, 336×280, 300×250, 250×250, 160×600, 120×600, 120×240, 240×400, 234×60, 125×125, 120×60 and 88×31

  2. Articles – PLR articles are excellent promotional material. Bloggers and website owners love them, and sometimes even email marketers will use them as content.
  3. Reviews – Reviews are especially helpful, because they give people a starting point of ideas for crafting their own. People are more likely to buy something through a product review than just about any other type of promotional material, so they can be incredibly powerful as an affiliate tool.
  4. Emails – Emails are always in demand. One of the most difficult things for most email marketers is figuring out what to say, especially about a product they haven’t personally used. Emails give affiliates a quick and easy way to promote your product.
  5. Videos – Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, and it still doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. There’s no question that video is huge, so providing a few videos for marketers to use for this just makes sense. Be sure they aren’t solely promotional, or no one is likely to watch them. Make them interesting, funny, useful, informative, etc. The more interesting they are, the better they have a chance of going viral.
  6. Tweets – Twitter (and other social media outlets) are very popular promotion methods, so providing a few short messages is very beneficial to people who use social media for promotion. Remember to keep them under 140 characters, which is the max length for Twitter. And keep in mind that must also include the affiliate link! Thus, you might want to aim for 60-90 characters to leave room for a (shortened) link.
  7. Reports – Reports are excellent for promotion. They can help affiliates build their list while also promoting their affiliate links directly within the reports.
  8. Autoresponders – Autoresponder messages in groups of 3, 5 or 7 are also excellent. They make superb companions to reports, because people who opt-in to a list to receive a report about a topic like to see those follow-up emails afterward. A multi-part course that lasts a few days is one great format for autoresponders.
  9. Info Graphics – Info graphics are the newest rage. Pinterest has turned the info graphic into a cultural phenomenon.

As always, be sure your promotional materials are of the highest possible quality. People aren’t going to give away 3-page reports, nor are they going to use PLR articles full of grammatical errors or banners that look like they were made with MS PAINT in 1998.

Final Words

Creating products is relatively simple. Setting up an affiliate program is not particularly difficult. However, getting affiliates can be tricky if you don’t already have an established name.

Using the tools outlined in this report, you should be well on your way to creating your own army of affiliate soldiers to promote your products time and time again. Remember to treat your affiliates well, and they will keep coming back for more.

If you’re hesitant to try some of these things because you are new or don’t have a reputation yet, just remember that every product owner started somewhere. By building a list of affiliates who promote your products, experience good service, and get good conversions, you will begin to build that reputation, and the referrals that go along with it.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will begin to build that reputation, so don’t waste time. Most of these strategies don’t cost anything or require little or no money upfront.

So, get started right away, and build your own affiliate army now!


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