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Distributing your video on the right channels is essential for your campaign to be successful. We’ve already covered the importance of adding video to your own website or blog in an earlier chapter, so now we’ll look at other ways to maximize exposure.

Social Media
This is a great way to organically grow your following and generate traffic to your landing pages. You should share your video multiple times across all social media channels to increase exposure.

In addition, since video generates 1,000% more shares than links and images combined, it’s one of the best ways to reach a larger audience quickly, and with no upfront investment required!

Paid Ads

If you’re looking to level-up quickly, you’ll want to consider paid distribution through either paid social media or search ads.

With search ads, while they aren’t video-friendly at the time of this writing, you can use them to target high-traffic keywords and then direct that traffic to your video-based landing page.

Search ad marketing works in every niche and market, so all you need to do is set a budget and then split-test different ads to see which ones perform the best.

With paid social media campaigns, you’re essentially spreading your marketing message to the masses, targeting the same audience you would with organic posts but with a higher rate of exposure.

You can also consider native advertising which is when your video content is embedded onto third-party websites in such a way that it doesn’t intrude on a user’s experience.

For example, with native ads, you might create a how-to style video that shows people how to cook a certain dish and then embed that content on a recipe-based website in an article about baking.

There are other ways to distribute your videos effectively, including sponsored content and influencer outreach.

Both strategies will help you gain access to a larger segment of your market, but they are positioned quite differently.

With sponsored content, you are paying for a spot on a company or brand’s website. Typically, you provide the content and it’s published on your behalf.

And just like native advertising, sponsored content doesn’t come in the form of a simple ad, but rather highly-engaging content (either video-based or written) that is designed to provide incredible value.

With influencer outreach opportunities, you simply contact authorities in your market or personalities via their social accounts and hire them to share or promote your video content with their following. 

While not all influencer marketing is paid (some will do it for free while others may trade services with you or simply a reciprocal mention), you’ll want to be prepared to offer monetary compensation for them promoting your videos.

The rates will depend on many factors, including their overall outreach, how likely people are to respond to their recommendations, and how often they are willing to promote your content.

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