Have you ever spent hours after hours playing some new action or adventure game that you just couldn’t seem to get away from? 

Have you ever found yourself burning out your mouse in an effort to save the little yellow guy from the hungry ghosts that were relentless in their chase around the maze?

If you’re anything like me, you’re guilty of a little gamer’s addiction, even if it’s only every once in awhile. In fact, most everyone has found themselves lost in the midst of a game that we just couldn’t peel ourselves away from. 

We never meant to spend three hours blasting asteroids back into space but hey, the time just got away from us.

And we all deserve our little guilty pleasures…

But what if we could exploit the addictive nature of the gaming platform to transform our marketing campaigns into mind-blowing traffic magnets that drive in new customers and ultimately, influence user behavior?

What if we could use the mechanics of gaming to keep customers glued to our offers, while maximizing our brand power all at the same time?

There’s been a major shift in the realm of marketing over the last couple of years and as the Internet evolves, so must our advertising campaigns. 

We now (more than ever), need to master the art of ‘gamifying’ if we stand a chance at succeeding in our markets, because it’s not just the NEW way to advertise, it’s the most EFFECTIVE method of generating responses.

So what exactly is ‘gamified marketing”?

Gamification involves the use of gaming dynamics to generate repeat exposure, influence user activity and response levels and deliver brand messaging through the use of ‘consumer engagement’.

In other words, gamification is the use of game design techniques, game thinking and game mechanics to influence, enhance and execute non-game contexts.

Gamification can:

  • Help increase brand awareness
  • Nurture the consumer-product relationship
  • Encourage positive responses
  • Maximize sales (instantly)
  • Build customer loyalty and stimulate repeat business

If you think about the way that games are designed to work, you’ll quickly understand why gamification is such a powerful element of every successful marketing campaign.

You’ve heard the term ‘viral marketing’, and chances are, you understand the concept of why viral marketing is so incredibly powerful. 

When people are encouraged to share information, to spread it amongst themselves and to keep bringing new traffic into the cycle, a single marketing campaign can literally explode overnight, driving in an overwhelming amount of traffic to an offer. 

Traffic unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and unlike anything you could ever do without the volume behind it. 

With gamification, you are using a combination of viral marketing with ‘engaging tools’ that have the potential to catapult your business to the next level, just by redefining the consumer-product relationship so that you are able to capture attention instantly, while delivering your marketing message as part of the consumer’s experience, rather than taking them away from what they are most interested in.

In traditional marketing, using television commercials as just one example; you are interrupting the consumer’s experience in order to deliver your marketing message.

When you interrupt the consumer, you risk their loss of interest because you’ve broken the connection. You do not want to lose that connection even for a moment or you may risk losing touch altogether.

But with gamification, you are delivering your marketing message alongside the content that your customer is enjoying, maintaining the connection and providing your customer with a positive, engaging experience.

Now that you understand what gamification is, the next step is to better understand how you can implement it into your marketing campaigns so that you can maximize your business exposure and compete in your market. 

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