GRASPED Maintain the Momentum Checklist

Once the project is up and running, your aim is to keep it moving forward. You will have to manage the project to make sure it is not falling behind schedule; otherwise, you may not get the final product you are after.

Your provider may be skilled and knowledgeable, but will still need your guidance throughout the project. Project management is essential to achieve your project goals. To maintain the momentum, remember these factors:

  1. Clear Goals
  2. Communication
  3. Core strategies

The following is a checklist of key questions that you need to ask and answer during the course of your outsourcing project, to help you maintain the momentum of the project and manage it effectively

1. Clear Goals

  • What is the end deliverable for this project?
  • What are the milestone deliverables for this project (if applicable)?
  • What are your key milestones and checkpoints for this project?
  • Have you clearly explained these milestones to the provider and made sure the provider understands the deliverables needed at these points?
  • Do you have realistic goals for this project in relation to time, budget and feasibility? (Refer back to 02-Checklist)
  • What level of quality do you expect for any deliverables? Have you confirmed this with your provider?
  • Have you created a Service Level Agreement?

2. Communication

  • Have you scheduled regular meetings for all team members to give status reports and ask questions?
  • Are you performing random checks to keep your provider motivated (but not stressing them out)?
  • Are you listening to your provider, analyzing procedures and changing them if necessary?
  • Are you proactive in discussing issues? Do you encourage your provider to be proactive and raise issues with you?
  • Are you giving feedback to your provider, whether positive or negative, about how the project is going?

3. Core Strategies

  • Are you thinking as a team leader not only as an employer?
  • What mistakes have been made by the provider and you?
  • What can you learn from these mistakes for future projects?
  • Are you using your mitigation plan and dealing with issues as they arise?
  • Are you maintaining a healthy working relationship?
  • Are you being fair to your provider? Are you considerate of any particular ethnic circumstances?
  • Are you satisfied sufficiently with your provider's performance that you are prepared to give a bonus and/or positive review?

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