GRASPED The Devils Advocate

Brought to You by GRASPED Digital

Imagine someone who wants to build a business online, and they come across GRASPED. They check out all the pages on the site, browse the resources in the Learning Centre, and think, "This is exactly what I need!"

So this person pays some money, and becomes a member of GRASPED. After some time, this person decides the content isn’t for him, and asks for a refund of his subscription fee. Now this person is going to have either of the two following reasons why he left.

One. He still wants to be an internet marketer, but the website content wasn’t for him.

Two. The website content made it all seem too hard, and he doesn’t want to be a marketer any more.

If his reason is number one, then he is in some form of denial, he thinks he doesn’t need that stuff and can reinvent the wheel and become successful in his own way. If his reason is number two, fair enough, he saved himself a lot of heartache.

Now, another person joins GRASPED but he doesn’t ask for a refund, instead, he listens closely to the modules in all the different resources, and starts to put together a plan based on what business type, he was the most intrigued by.

For example, he likes the idea of building a website around being an Expert, so he asked himself questions like:

  • What niche could he be an expert in?
  • Can he develop content for that niche?
  • What platform should he market on?
  • What does an autoresponder do?
  • How am I going to get traffic?
  • Is there traffic for this niche?
  • What is imposter syndrome?
  • Who is already making money that I can copy?

So why is GRASPED like the Devil’s Advocate? 

Because it challenges the psyche by asking the questions that need answering, like we just heard, and if someone isn’t ready to do the work, and answer these questions, then Internet Marketing is probably not for them.

Maybe it’s just a matter of changing their Mindset? Thats why we moved our resource, GRASPED, Align Your Mindset, to Month 1.

The problem with the search for truth, is that when you find it, you must approach it on it’s terms, not yours. If you try to approach it on your terms, then it will only move away. The way you approach the truth of Internet Marketing is to "take action on what you learn, and be prepared to make mistakes," which becomes extremely difficult, if your ego is constantly clouding your judgement.

Therefore, put your ego aside and don’t run around telling everyone you are going to get rich as an Internet Marketer; this will take time and those people will be forever asking you, "made money yet?"

Look! It takes time, and you must act on teachings that have been proven to work. With all the questions that arise from starting your own online business, you need to get the answers somehow, and they need to come from successful marketers.

So, on that note...

Have you ever heard of the term, "Internet Guru?" The first thing that comes to mind is a person that holds all the knowledge of how to earn millions of dollars online, but he doesn’t just hold the knowledge, he has already done it himself.

At GRASPED we have our own Guru, who we have nicknamed The Presenter. Now we have The Presenter in our ranks, no detail has been left out.

The Presenter shows us what to do to make money online, exactly how he has been doing it himself, for several years. The invaluable lessons presented to you, stem from years of ‘in-the-field’ experience, and if you listen closely, you will realize how mind-bogglingly easy it is. When following these step-by-step guides, you will be presented with, you will discover how simple it can be, and how anybody can do it, with the right knowledge.

The Presenter started his online career in 2009 and has accumulated a modest fortune since then, using the exact same techniques that he is about to share with you. The Presenter was a pioneer in the internet game and discovered many of the methods that he has decided to reveal to you today.

The methods The Presenter shows you, are gems that can only be learned through trial and error, over the course of many years. Presenting, The Presenter Resources. Inside these resources, you will find 230 or more videos about different money-making methods and strategies. Some will take a longer time to see results and others are FAST.

You can read more about each individual resource at