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April 22, 2022

GRASPED Tools for Professional Videos on a Budget


Video creation is one of those things a lot of people seem to believe you have to be a super genius mad scientist to be able to pull off, but nothing could be further from the truth. Absolutely anyone who can use a computer can create a video with the tools and resources that are available today.

A lot of people who feel video creation is extremely technical are those who have seen software like Adobe After Effects and other software that is complex to use. However, you don’t need to add these high-end effects to your average video. You’re not looking to create the next Lord of the Rings movie. Marketing videos should be simple and to-the-point.

Because you only need relatively simple videos, you can use simple software. There are tons of resources you can use to create videos, and many of them are so easy to use that even children are able to use them successfully.

In this report, you’re going to learn about some of the tools and resources you can use to create amazing videos that look completely professional and get results without spending a fortune on complicated software or outsourcing the creation and spending hundreds of dollars.

So, let’s get started.

Choose a Video Type

The first thing you must do is figure out what type of video you want to create. To do that, you need to ask yourself a few basic questions.

  1. What is the purpose of your video?
  2. Is it purely for marketing on sites like YouTube?
  3. Is it for a sales page?
  4. Is it an educational video you’ll be selling?

Different types of videos require different video creation methods, different elements (such as photos, video clips, voiceover, music, etc.) and different techniques.

Here are some different types of videos you may want to create:

  1. Marketing Video – A marketing video is meant to sell a specific product via sites such as YouTube. Think of this type of video as a television commercial.
  2. Sales Page Video – A sales page video is a bit like a cross between a movie trailer and a television commercial. Its purpose is to excite potential customers, present some basic information about the product, and assist in the sales process. A sales page video can also be submitted to sites like YouTube, however due to its nature, it won’t be as effective without the aid of the sales page.
  3. Educational Video – An educational video is typically created for one of two purposes. It is either meant to be a free video uploaded to sites like YouTube in order to generate traffic, or it is meant to be sold in some way (such as on Udemy, ClickBank, or in a membership site.)
  4. Video Blog Posts – You may also want to create a post for a vlog that could be informative, instructional, present industry news, interview someone, or it could just be entertaining.

There are other types of videos you may want to create, but these are the most popular for the average marketer.

Once you know what type of video you want to create, and what the purpose of that video is, you will be able to choose the best tools and resources for creating that video.

Video Creation Tools

The number of video creation tools available is absolutely astounding. Video has become the preferred media of the internet thanks to ever-increasing bandwidth availability, and companies have responded by creating tools that make the video creation process faster and easier than ever.

We are going to take a look at some of the easiest ways to create videos.

Windows Movie Maker


If you’re a Windows user, you can create simple movies with the free Windows Movie Maker software. This software is relatively simple to use, though not as simple as some of the web-based solutions.

This software makes relatively basic videos. It doesn’t include a lot of fancy templates with impressive effects. The effects it does include are simple transitions such as fades and swipes. But it includes enough features to get the job done, and it’s free.

There are many tutorials online that can teach you how to use this software. Just search for “Windows Movie Maker tutorial” on YouTube or your favorite search engine and you’ll find a plethora of learning material.

Apple iMovie

>> http://www.apple.com/mac/imovie/

Apple users also have a good option in iMovie. Unlike Windows Movie Maker, iMovie is not free. The Mac version is currently $14.99 and the iOS version is $4.99. However, iMovie comes with a plethora of templates that can be used to create stunningly professional videos with no experience.

If you want to create truly professional videos quickly and easily, iMovie is definitely one of the best options. Their built-in themes and the music that comes with them is hard to beat, and the software is relatively simple to use for a non-web-based solution.

As with Windows Movie Maker, there are plenty of tutorials online that can teach you how to use iMovie.


>> https://ssemble.com

Ssemble is a collaborative video editing platform that allows users to create high-quality videos with the help of AI plugins. The website is designed with a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate through various features and services.

The website provides comprehensive information about the features and plugins offered by Ssemble. The platform’s key features include the ability to trim, split, zoom in/out, rotate, loop, adjust, speed up, and slow down video clips. Users can also apply transition effects and VFX to their videos.

Ssemble offers a range of plugins designed to enhance the video editing process. These include a Background Remover, Voice Creator, and Cloud Storage. The Background Remover allows users to remove the background of their videos with a single click, while the Voice Creator enables automatic dubbing by typing the desired text and choosing the preferred voice. The Cloud Storage plugin facilitates easy import of photos and videos.

The website also provides links to learn more about each feature and plugin, which is a great resource for users who want to understand how to make the most of the platform.

The website’s user experience is enhanced by its straightforward navigation and clear presentation of information. The site also offers a “Create video for free” option, encouraging users to try out the platform.

Ssemble’s website is well-structured and informative, providing a clear overview of the platform’s capabilities. The site effectively showcases the platform’s features and plugins, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in video editing.


>> http://www.wideo.co

Wideo is a bit different than most web-based video creation solutions. Instead of providing a few themes and having users insert photos and videos to produce a basic slideshow, Wideo goes further by providing a way to create custom animations using various shapes and icons.

Above you can see an example of some of the icons they have available for use in animations. These icons, along with various background colors and images, shapes, text, and music, can be used to create very cool animated movies quickly.

If you’re looking to make something like a cool Flash animation, Wideo is a good choice.

Wideo has several different payment plans to fit all budgets.


>> http://www.stupeflix.com

Stupeflix will allow you to make general slideshow type presentations with standard effects using a variety of templates. There aren’t a lot of templates to choose from, but those that are available are attractive and interesting.

Stupeflix has free plans for personal use and $29 per month for professional use.


>> https://animoto.com/

Animoto is another video creation system that uses templates to allow jazzed up slideshow type videos. They have a wide range of templates for everything from general use to more professional styles.

Their system is very easy to use. You just need to upload some pictures, choose your music, add a little text, and press a button and your video is created.

At the moment, they have nearly 50 themes available for pro users. Pricing starts at $19.99 per month, if you pay annually.

Go Animate

>> http://www.goanimate.com

GoAnimate is different from other video creation websites, because it allows you to put together animated cartoon videos. You simply choose a starter cartoon, edit it, and create your video. You can move around various elements in the environments, add characters, change their look, and more.

Plans start at $79 per month to remove Goanimate branding.

Video Resources

You’ll probably want to include some various resources in your movies. You could just use standard text on solid backgrounds, but the use of things like stock photos, video clips, clipart, voiceovers and music adds depth and interest to your videos.


Stock Photos and Videos

Never, ever grab images or videos from the web and use them in your videos. This is copyright infringement, and could lead to some major legal troubles. It’s not even a good idea to get images from “public domain” image collections, because there is no way to verify with 100% certainty that those images were uploaded by the legitimate copyright holder.

Instead, you must purchase your images and videos from a reputable stock photo agency. There are hundreds of stock photo sites, perhaps thousands if you count the smaller sites that sell images from only one photographer.

Some good resources for stock photos and video clips include:

>> http://www.photodune.net

>> http://www.shutterstock.com

>> http://www.istockphoto.com

>> http://www.123rf.com

>> http://www.fotolia.com

>> http://www.bigstockphoto.com

>> http://www.depositphotos.com

>> http://www.dreamstime.com

You’ll find that most of these sites has the same basic collection of photos, however ShutterStock and iStockPhoto generally have the widest selection. Additionally, iStockPhoto offers photographers a bonus for exclusivity, so you may be able to find images there that won’t be found anywhere else. Just keep in mind that because iStockPhoto must pay a bonus to photographers for exclusivity, those exclusive photos will be more expensive than the rest of their collection.

Stock Graphics

Photos and video clips aren’t the only thing you can use to jazz up your videos. Stock graphics are also useful, especially things such as icons and cartoon mascots that can be used to draw attention.

Some good places to locate graphics include:

>> http://www.graphicriver.net

>> http://www.vectorstock.com

>> http://www.graphicsfactory.com


>> https://www.fiverr.com

Perhaps the best place to get inexpensive voiceovers for your videos is through Fiverr. For as little as $5, you can get someone with a great voice to read your script, and then you can take the audio file they deliver and add it to your video.


Just like you should never steal images or videos, you should never steal music for use in your videos. You can’t just use your favorite song without permission. Someone owns the copyright to it. Even if they’ve passed away, someone still owns the copyright. Want to use an Elvis song in your video? You’d better contact Robert Sillerman, the man who bought the rights to Elvis’ music from Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie.

Of course, there are stock agencies that sell royalty free music, too. These songs are relatively inexpensive, and they come in a wide variety of genres and styles, so you can almost certainly find the right one for your project.

Some places to locate music include:

>> http://www.audiojungle.net

>> http://www.freeplaymusic.com

>> http://www.smartsound.com

>> http://www.royaltyfreemusic.com

Final Words

Creating video is actually much easier than you probably think. The newest tools make it incredibly easy to create videos, even if you’ve never made one before. A beginner can take a few photos, an audio clip and some simple text and generate a simple video in just minutes.

No matter what type of video you’re looking to create, you can have it done from start to finish in anywhere from a few minutes to a day. Even complex educational videos are simple to create if you have the right tools.

Keep in mind these simple rules, and you’ll be making great videos in no time:

  1. Choose the right video type. If you understand the purpose of your video and your target market, this shouldn’t be too difficult.
  2. Choose the right video creation tool. Remember that some tools are better suited to certain video types than others.
  3. Choose the right resources. You need interesting photos and video clips, the right stock graphics, and the right music or audio.

Once you understand the basic, creating a video is simple. Just choose a tool, follow its tutorial or step-by-step instructions, and you’ll have a video prepared and ready to use before you know it!

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