Isolate Yourself from Negativity

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You might have heard how negativity is a bad thing when it comes to having the right mindset for success. It’s true. Negativity is one of the biggest things that can derail any attempt at success. 

The reason that negativity can keep you stuck, holding you back from obtaining goals and changing any part of your life, is because negativity wipes out motivation.

It’s hard to feel motivated about anything when your head is full of negative messages. What happens is that you’re fired up, ready to charge ahead with reaching success, when along comes someone who says that you don’t have the talent, the knowledge, the money, the support, or the courage to make it happen.

Before you know it, that negativity has seeped all the way into your inner mind, and you find that the self-doubts are multiplying. You begin to believe they’re right.

You don’t have the talent. You don’t have the knowledge and the next thing you know; you’re not even trying to move forward anymore. When negativity destroys your motivation, it destroys your confidence.

It’s not a matter of whether or not you’re going to encounter this negative response, but when. Because many people just have a damaging outlook and they spread that negativity.

It’s second nature to them, but it doesn’t have to be accepted by you. You can reject their negativity. Who’s destructive in your life?

First, it’s usually always going to be family. Under the well-meaning guise of trying to be helpful and not wanting to see you get hurt or fail, they’re going to try to persuade you that what you’re trying to do can’t be done.

Next, it will be your friends. Many of your friends probably have their lives already mapped out right through their retirement years and you can bet it doesn’t involve stepping out and running their own business.

Friends often play it safe and so they want you to do the same. It’s true that being an entrepreneur means there will be some risk. There will be long hours. There will be trial and error.

But that’s not a bad thing. It’s just part of the process and you can’t let friends influence you to give up. You’ll find on your entrepreneurial journey that there are even some fellow marketers who are negative.

These people whine about how difficult it is. They point out the pitfalls, they talk about the downside, and it seems like they do nothing but discourage others and themselves.

They’re almost constantly griping about stuff and comparing themselves, and you, to other people’s success stories. They’ll even point out how they, and you, will never reach that same level of success.

If you really want to be a success, you have to isolate yourself from negativity. If you don’t, eventually, you will start to believe this negative feedback. As a result, your motivation will either suffer or disappear altogether and eventually, you’ll give up.

What you need to do is to surround yourself with people who are positive. People who look forward to challenges, and see setbacks as opportunities to learn from, rather than as signs to give up.

Being around positive people will be a support team for you, and help you keep your motivation high, when you do reach places that are hard as you try to build your career.