GRASPED Knowing Your Audience

Understanding your audience is a critical step in being able to create and distribute videos that garner attention and generate results. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire chapter to this topic.

Once you’ve decided what stage of your marketing funnel you’ll be initially targeting with your video content, it’s time to determine exactly who your intended audience is. 

If you create a series of videos without having a specific audience in mind, it will decrease your chances at your campaigns being successful.

To start, you should consider creating a buyer persona.  This is when you map out who your ideal client or customer is.

Normally, this is done prior to the product creation process, so that you know exactly what your product needs to include and who it will be designed for.

If you’ve never created a buyer persona before, it’s very easy to do. All it involves is identifying who your target audience is so that you can finalize your marketing strategy.

Some of these questions would include:

  • Should you create videos that are educational, entertaining, commercial, social content, explainer, lifestyle, or something in between? 

    >> Knowing your audience will help you learn how to create the most effective, highly-engaging videos that answer their burning questions.

  • Who are your videos for?

    >> This is your buyer’s persona/

  • What do you want your viewer to take away from the video?
  • Where does your target audience spend their time?
  • >> This will help you understand where to distribute your video for maximum exposure.

You’ll want to be able to answer these questions before creating your videos.

Spending time researching your market will also make it easier to map out your buyer’s journey, so that you can create videos designed to lead them towards the next step (subscribe to your newsletter, follow you, or purchase a specific product or service).

And finally, knowing your audience will also help you figure out what story you want to tell. 

You’ll be able to quickly identify your customer’s pain point, understand how to effectively introduce your product, and create videos that align with your target audience while inspiring them to take action.

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