GRASPED Making Connections

It’s one thing to post a ton of content, or keep your blog or channel up to date, but it’s another to engage with your audience.

As an influencer, engagement is what matters most. It’s what separates you from those who will struggle to build a tribe and connect with their audience.

So, do your best to always connect and communicate with those who follow you, or subscribe to your content.

Answer blog comments, give a shout back to those who reach out to you via social media, and show people that you are not only approachable, but that you’re genuinely interested in helping them in some way.

Keep in mind that with social media networks, they use algorithms to determine what content should be seen first as well as what (and who) gets the most exposure. A lot of this relies on how engaged your audience is so do your best to be present and active within your market.

This is also why automation is so important when it comes to building your brand and engaging your audience. By automating posts, updates and broadcasts, you’ll free up time that can be used to personally connect and respond to people in your niche.

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