GRASPED Map Your Customer Journey

The truth is, most people who are new to email marketing begin with a very basic system.

Instead of creating an in-depth marketing funnel, they simply send out solo broadcasts whenever they have a new product or service to promote, or when they sign up to advertise someone else’s product as an affiliate marketer.

But those people are limiting the overall profit potential from what instead could be a highly-targeted, high-powered email marketing campaign.

Worse, they never truly get to know who their audience is, or what they need.  And because of this, they fail to nurture those relationships and build brand loyalty.

The solution? 

Map your customer journey.

Ideally, you should create your customer journey early on so that you know exactly what kind of content you should be creating and when to send it out.

Mapping your customer journey can be as simple or as complex as you make it, but ultimately, it involves creating a sketch that illustrates the steps that a typical customer or subscriber takes from start to finish.

This might include the following stages:

These emails would be geared towards welcoming people into your funnel, blog-post emails, company origin emails and story-based emails that inspire, introduce, build trust and overall recognition.

People in this stage of the journey would be somewhat familiar with your brand, but are still learning about who you are and what you bring to the table. 

For this segment, you’d want to create emails based on video content, informational posts, as well as promotional emails.


Subscribers at this stage of the journey would be either on the verge of buying, or have already purchased a product or service from you. 

So, your emails might include follow-up / thank you emails, feedback emails, recommended product emails and even additional promotional emails that are geared towards advancing them to the next phase.

Once you’ve created your customer journey summary, you can always extend it to include other stages, as well as tweak it as you begin to collect valuable data. 

For example, you may add a Loyalty phase to your customer journey where you send out emails based on rewarding regular customers with special VIP offers, free bonuses, discount codes, and campaigns geared towards thanking them for their business.

As you can see, there are many different stages that your prospects will make their way through from the time they are first introduced to your brand until they make their first purchase.

By creating emails that are tailored to specific segments of your list— and the stages those subscribers are in, you’ll be able to create campaigns that are not only highly-engaging, but that are designed to persuade people into taking action.

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