GRASPED Successful Examples

Let’s look at a couple of good examples of conversational marketing strategies put into action:

Domino’s SMS Messaging Tool:

Domino’s customers can now order pizza anywhere through SMS marketing.

The company recently introduced Domino’s AnyWare, which lets them send the pizza emoji through Twitter, Slack, Facebook Messenger, or text message—and that starts their order.

What’s their goal?

Saving customers time and simplifying the conversation! By cutting the need to dial in or pull up a website, Domino’s has made ordering pizza as easy as hitting a button. And people are going to remember how easy it was the next time they want pizza.

This is an excellent example of conversational marketing that works.

Webstack’s HubSpot Chatbot:

The first thing HubSpot wanted to do, says Izazaga, was “immediately engage with our visitors.

Instead of the standard ‘Hi, how can we help you?’ we started with a phrase sure to grab their attention: ‘Psst, want to know a secret?’”

With an opener like that, it’s no wonder people click the link! Next, they wanted to understand how they could help visitors reach their goals.

To do that, they built their chatbot to offer a personalized experience with no dead ends. Once the prospective customer engages with the chatbot, they will “be guided to the right resource based on their inquiry.”

To give you an example if the visitor clicks “I need help,” a list of HubSpot’s core services appear.

If none of those are what the visitor needs, they can select “Something Else,” and they can then share with the company why they engaged in the first place.

Then, not only is the customer happy, but HubSpot has just gotten more lead qualifying information for the next time.

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