GRASPED The Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of setting up an omnichannel marketing strategy, let’s look at the benefits of going through the trouble to set one up.

Omnichannel marketing makes your brand identity cohesive and recognizable.

One of the components of a seamless customer experience across channels is a consistent brand identity and tone. Consumers might feel jarred and confused if your brand is bright and happy on one platform, but serious and morose on another.

When your core values and the way you interact with your consumers are consistent across channels, your brand is more easily recognized. In turn, positive brand recognition improves familiarity and trust in your brand.

Data from omnichannel campaigns provide more detail and insight into your customers.

Data collection using an omnichannel attribution model shows you detailed information about a customer’s shopping behavior like:

  • What platform they’re using to engage you.
  • When they’re shopping.
  • What actions they take before making a purchase.
  • Which campaign led them to make a purchase.

This person-level data in combination with historic aggregate data provides extremely rich and useful consumer insights, which leads us on to the next point…

Properly executed omnichannel marketing creates highly accurate targeted messaging (and a better customer experience).

Leveraging your data and accurately mapping the customer journey of each customer segment means that you can be extremely specific with your messaging.

Rather than “spraying and praying” boilerplate messages to all of your consumers, you can interact with people in a way that prioritizes their individual jobs to be done.

Using an omnichannel strategy, you provide value to your consumers by solving the challenge they’re facing at their stage of the customer journey.

Doing so will result in a positive customer experience and have a positive knock-on effect on reputation, engagement, loyalty, and thereafter revenue.

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