GRASPED Tip #10: Include Send Message In Ads

Anyone who has ever used Facebook, has seen an advertisement for some new product, book, toy, movie, or product. As previously mentioned, we often find ourselves on a shopping site before heading over to Facebook, and then voila, an advertisement for that very same product appears in our feed.

This is a great opportunity to incorporate a “send a message” button within a Facebook ad. Customers will see an ad for your business, describing what services you offer, and have the option just to click “send a message.”

It’s another way to streamline someone who stumbles upon your ad, likes what they see, and makes a purchase, all within a matter of minutes. This is why it’s important that you make sure that you’re buying Facebook ads for your business, too. And making sure they pop up where customers are likely to see them.

If you’ve never taken out a Facebook ad, there are tutorials and books out there that can show you how. Adding a Send Message button is very easy.

Anyone who shops online and uses Facebook knows how easy it is to buy something, so why not make it even easier? 

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