GRASPED Tip #4: Book Funnel

People use Book Funnel for many different sales promotions. Authors generally use it to build their email list. Email lists and newsletters are the bread and butter for book sales.


What everyone doesn't know about Book Funnel is there is an entire sub-system of promotional opportunities, and they don't cost a dime. Authors and publishing companies all over the world start promotions, which can be found under the promotion tab.

There is an ever-growing list of promotions that help you get your audiobook out there. The promotions allow a certain number of authors to sign up, are genre-specific, and help to cross-promote their fans. It is a great way to get your audiobook sample out to new listeners.

To participate in the promotions, the administrator of the promotion sets up guidelines to follow. You have to create a book funnel page with your audio sample to download as a bonus for them signing up for your newsletter.

You must share the promotion on the dates listed, a specified number of times, with your own personal link to the promotion. This link will allow the administrator to track your shares.

Book Funnel promotions are effective ways to get your audiobook sample listened to by new readers and build your newsletter at the same time.

Create an auto-response that will automatically send out a welcome message whenever anyone joins your email through that funnel page. In that auto-response, thank them for joining, and give them the link to your audiobook.

Personalize your autoresponder as much as possible and link it only to that promotion so that it only goes out to those that signed up through the link.

Book Funnel also has promotions for sales. When browsing the promotions look for those listed as "sales" instead of "newsletter."

You will have to create a sales book funnel page for your audiobook. These are fully customizable and should reflect the tone of your book.

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