GRASPED Tip #4: Finding Your Audience

If you’re reading this special report, then chances are good that you have an inkling your audience has some presence on Facebook. But before you consider building a chatbot just for their messenger platform, you should verify that it’ll be worth your time and money.

Consider sending out an email to customers who are on your mailing list, and ask them to tell you where they spend a lot of their social media time. Try not to be too invasive about their personal lives, but ask enough to know how often they’re on the platform.

With over a billion users worldwide, it’s safe to say that most people use Facebook and their messaging application. And studies show that customers are more likely to open that application instead of an email from a company. It simply feels more personal, almost as though they’re chatting with a friend or family member.

Even though they’re talking about buying something from a business chatbot!

Even if you decide not to build a chatbot for their messenger platform, you should still have a verified Facebook page for your business.

If enough of your customers use the messenger application, then it would behoove you to build a chatbot. Be sure to add the chatbot to your Facebook page for customers to see it, too. And remember that customers can see your response rate right on your Facebook page, at the top below your business name.

Be light with your texts within the chatbot. Customers don’t respond well to a lot of verbiage. They want a friendly response, but not a bunch of words they have to weed through.

Remember that they’re having a conversation, not sitting down to read and reply to some mass email from a business.

It’s a good idea to leave about three seconds between sending messages. Sending messages back to back will make a customer feel rushed, which won’t leave them with a good impression of your company.

At any point during your chatbot conversation, remember to give users the option to unsubscribe and exit the chatbot.
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