GRASPED Tip #5: Encourage Reviews

If you are selling your book through Amazon, make sure that your audiobook is linked to the same page as your digital and print books of the same title. If a listener sees your book on Amazon, they will see all the reviews that are attached to your physical and digital copy readers as well.

Your Amazon page isn't the only page you want to have audiobook reviews, though. You want to make sure you are focusing on the site where you are primarily selling the book.

For example, is where your book will be sold if you use ACX for your production and publishing. A large percent of your audio downloads will come from Audible, not Amazon. Audible does display your Amazon book reviews, but they are under a separate tab.

When a listener goes to your Audible page or the page where your audiobook is primarily listed, they will see the audiobook reviews first. So, just like you do when you politely ask for a review of your digital and print versions, you want to promote reviews of your audiobook as well.

You can't make it a requirement that listeners have to review your audiobook, but you can ask that they do so.

One great way of getting more reviews is by trading a promotional code or a free copy of your audiobook for an honest review. You can do this with your newsletter, through a funnel promotion, and on your social media.

Another great way to get reviews is by swapping codes or books with other authors. They listen to your book and review, and you listen to theirs. If you are worried that you won't like their book and will be forced to review, try swapping with someone you know.

Professional book reviewers are also great tools for receiving honest online reviews. By giving away a free copy of your audiobook to a reviewer, they will listen and then post their thoughts. Look for quality reviewers, people with followings. Find out what their criteria is for submitting books for reviews.

Reviews help you pull in new listeners. Those looking for a new book in your genre will check the reviews. This will help to bring in organic new listeners. The more audiobooks downloaded, the higher you will rank. The higher you are, the more people will be exposed to your book and to your reviews.

Above all else, never pay for reviews, and always follow through if you are review swapping. Be nice, but fair, and if you listen to another author's book and you just can't bring yourself to leave a positive review, contact them first. Talk to them about it. Treat them as you would want them to treat you.

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