GRASPED Tip #6: Interview Your Voice Talent

One of the unique things about audiobooks is that the quality of reviews isn’t just based on the content of your book. Audiobook listeners also consider the quality of the recording and the narrator. That's why it's important to choose the perfect narrator for your book.

After your book is live, though, don't forget about your voice actor. Voice actors are highly underutilized when it comes to promoting your book.

Many voice actors have their own blogs, own channels, and their own followers. If you have a voice actor that people enjoy, ask if you can do an interview with them for your podcast, blog, or YouTube channel.

Usually, your voice actor will promote the interview, which will, in turn, bring more listeners to your audiobook. This will also help to promote your voice actor, who will appreciate the new contacts.

You can also work it out to swap interviews if your voice actor has their own blog or personal following.

Interviews with your voice actors can also be great live events. Promote your live event, and promote the audiobook with links and samples during the interview. Interact with the listeners who are watching. They will be much more likely to purchase your audiobook if they've had a personal and fun interaction with you.

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