GRASPED Tip #7: Promo Codes

If you aren't familiar with the audiobook promo codes, then you are missing out on listeners and money.

If you choose to have your book narrated and published through ACX, the audiobook equivalent to KDP Publishing when it comes to getting your book live, then you most likely qualify for promo codes. When your book goes live on ACX, through their exclusive program, you will receive promotional codes.

Promotional codes are codes generated for you and your book specifically, and allow you to give free downloads of your audiobook to new listeners. They don't even have to sign up to Audible to listen to the audiobook.

And the icing on the promo code cake?

You get paid for every code that is redeemed. Currently, ACX is offering up to 200 codes per book. You can generate 25 U.S. codes and 25 U.K. codes at a time, up to a hundred each.

These codes can be given away to anyone. There are tons of groups on Facebook, specifically for you to promote your book codes to listeners. They are also great for giveaways, review swaps, and newsletter builders.

In the next section, we will go over sites to help you promote your audiobook, one that is specific to your codes.

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