GRASPED Tip #8: Design A Chatbot Character

It might sound silly, but think about designing a virtual character for your chatbot. Just like Geico has a gecko, your chatbot should have something funny and interesting to keep customers engaged.

And, if possible, keep it related to your business.

For example, if your business is selling baked goods, then perhaps your chatbot could be a cartoon baker. Or if you’re a massive online retailer with thousands of products to choose from, maybe just a witty shopping cart that can talk.

Everyone likes to have fun, and even adults would get a kick out of a cartoon chatbot interacting with them about the products your company offers, especially since so many of us find shopping a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. Wouldn’t a funny cartoon make it even better? One that can answer our questions, too?

And while we’re on the topic of being funny, don’t hesitate to throw in some emojis and funny gifs. Customers love to have a good time while they’re shopping. Just keep in mind that different people have different types of humor, so keep it as family-friendly as possible.

For example, if your chatbot realizes that the customer would love a certain product, code it to insert a funny gif of someone smiling or grabbing their purse. Just make sure that it’s interactive and will encourage them to have fun and, most importantly, buy that product!

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