GRASPED Tip #8: Promo Sites

There is a promotional company out there for everything, and audiobooks are no different. Some sites are worth it, and some are money pits.

If you produced and published your audiobook through Findaway Voices, available at, they offer a promotional partnership with Chirp, a discount audiobook website. You can run a limited-time promotion through Findaway, and your book will be featured on Chirp for that promotional period. Most audiobooks on Chirp are listed for 90 plus percent off, but it's a great way to bring in new listeners and make money from your audiobook at the same time.

Chirp is an affiliate of, one of the most used book review sites out there. Technically, you don't have to have produced your book through Findaway to submit to Chirp, but it may cost money.

One site that has recently become very popular is It is owned and run by voice actor and producer, Jeffrey Kafer. You have two options on the site. You can submit your book to be included in their newsletter, or you can upload your audiobook and codes to their new beta program.

For the newsletter option, you pay $12, and they create a spreadsheet for you in Google Docs. When they send out their newsletter, anyone interested in a promo code for your audiobook submits their information. You have full control over who you send the codes to. You are also able to post on their Facebook page, which is lucrative in itself.

The other option with Audiobook Boom is its new automated promo code site. You can list one book or a hundred books, depending on your budget. One audiobook is $12. You upload the cover and the CSV from ACX with your book codes, and they do the work for you. People can browse, request codes, receive those codes, and you never have to lift a finger. You can re-upload the CSV as often as you like and the system knows what codes have already been redeemed, and which ones to hand out.

Other sites you can look into are news radio connected websites, podcasts that play audio clips of your books, and, if your budget allows it, marketing companies specializing in audiobook marketing. 

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