GRASPED Tip #9: Combine with Facebook Live

Going back to collecting customer FAQ’s, consider having a Facebook live session and have your new chatbot interact with customers right in the comments. It’s a great way to engage them and respond in real time!

Once your chatbot is made and you’re in your Facebook live session, utilizing it, customers will see that it’s so personal that it can actually respond to pretty specific questions. For example, if you ask a customer what their budget is and they give a number, it automatically shows them a product within that price range.

This is also a great time for returning customers to interact with the chatbot, and for new customers to see how it remembers information. Which allows for easy upselling and more money for your business!

You can also host a Facebook Live session for the launch of a new product, and unveil your new chatbot at the very same time. Use that time to educate customers on the chatbot, why they should use it, and at the same time get to know your customers.

Give them the option to interact directly with the chatbot so they can see how it works. Most people will love how personal a chatbot can be, and appreciate that it saves them time. And of course, be sure to talk about your new product!

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