GRASPED Video Rankings

It should come as no surprise that search algorithms are increasingly adding weight to web pages that contain video-based content.  In fact, 55% of all Google keyword searches will result in videos receiving priority over other results.

Not only are they incredibly effective at boosting your website ranking so it appears more frequently in relevant searches, but videos can also make the snippet of content that appears when you show up as a search result far more attractive and attention-grabbing.

The fact is, Google rewards sites with video-based content and subsequently ranks them higher. So, if you are not yet hosting video content on your website, you’re losing out.

Before you start uploading your video content to YouTube or any other platform, consider including it on your own website. You can do this easily by embedding the video on your homepage, or featuring it on sales and landing pages.

The key is to embed the video around high-quality, relevant content rather than including it on an otherwise blank page. 

This will ensure that search engine crawlers understand that you are providing highly engaging, multi-media content on your website, as well as other valuable and useful information.

You also want to make sure that the video you include makes sense with the type of content found on that page. 

Consistency is also an important part of every successful video marketing strategy. The more often you upload video content, the easier it will be to maximize exposure and rank for various keyword phrases.

And of course, make sure you include important meta details that help improve SEO, such as video titles, detailed keyword-centric descriptions, tags and annotations.

Your next step?

Distributing your video on the right channels so that you can maximize visibility, build a loyal following and generate ongoing exposure for your brand.

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