Welcome to GRASPED Digital. Our plan is to become your most comprehensive source of information about internet marketing and we want you to join us in our journey.

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to help professionals and businesses by giving them a better vantage point of marketing through our digital resources.

With a conversational tone, we will lead you through the fundementals of Internet Marketing at its very core.

Lets break down the word GRASPED, letter by letter.


I've been very interested in Internet Marketing for years and I've never seen such a wide variety of courses. Its amazing how many of them cross reference each other. I highly recommend GRASPED Digital.

Taylor Wright

Their content and the overall structure of the resources is excellent, and they make sure each area of expertise is covered. I would definitely recommend them to any struggling marketer.

Jeffrey Adams

GRASPED Digital is a one-stop online platform for internet marketing resource materials. Our members get exclusive access to our proprietary content such as reports, videos, audios, and more from our resource section.


From the root word Grasp, our members can get a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of internet marketing including practical applications to their profession or business. Coined with the word Education (“Ed”), GRASPED aims to educate our members with proper knowledge, up-to-date tips and information, including best practices and relevant internet marketing concepts.


GRASPED breaks down the fundamentals of internet marketing into simplified, digestible content such as videos, audio files and e-documents, to make it easier for you to ‘grasp’ the information you need. Our products are curated and are systematically catalogued for easier search and reference.

In addition, we have also invested in creating content with voice-enabled learning experiences. The modules, including videos and audio files are enhanced with the groundbreaking neural text-to-speech (NTTS) models developed by Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.


GRASPED is committed to provide evergreen content that is consistently kept relevant and updated. These include proven marketing tactics, methods, and best practices that are usable for long-term business applications.

We also do keep your lifestyle in mind, this is why most of our materials are made portable and accessible on any device so you can take your learning wherever and whenever you want to. 


The GRASPED subscription library contains specialized topics on internet marketing such as Email Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and more.


Here at GRASPED, we are certain that by educating yourself with the right knowledge and information, you are on your way to achieve success. The best part is, as you learn, doors of opportunity start opening for you.


Our passion to share success with you is what drives us to create these resources. GRASPED believes that by sharing useful information to professionals and business owners alike, we are creating a healthier and prosperous marketplace on the internet.