GRASPED Select Your Outsourcing Provider Checklist

Once you have decided to outsource your project, you have to select an outsourcing provider. This stage can be a little risky, so do not rush the process. It is a challenge to find a provider with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience; however, with the proper knowledge and some strategies in place, the selection process should help you find the best option. Consider three factors:

  1. First Impressions
  2. Provider Skills
  3. Provider Compatibility

The following is a checklist of key questions that you need to ask and answer about a project you are considering outsourcing, to guide you through the selection process and decision to hire an outsourcing provide.

1. First Impressions

  • Have you checked the provider’s online profile?
  • Does the profile give you information about the provider's skills, education and experience?
  • Have you read reviews of the provider by past employers?
  • Do these reviews tell you what you need to know about the provider's reliability and capability?
  • Have you reviewed any samples posted by the provider?
  • Have you read and paid close attention to the provider’s bids on other work?
  • Do the bids or any messages posted by the provider, contain typing, spelling, grammatical errors?
  • What are your impressions of his/her communication and professionalism?

2. Provider Skills

  • What skills will your provider need to have to do this job for you?
  • Does your preferred provider have these specific skills to complete this job to your satisfaction?
  • Are you satisfied with the provider’s credentials, work history, education, and references?
  • Does your provider have the universal skills like being reliable, dependable, and trustworthy?
  • Do you and your provider both have the same/compatible software if needed?

3. Provider Compatibility

  • Have you prepared a proper budget and timeline for your project? (Refer back to 02-Checklist)
  • Have you checked the provider’s workload? Does he/she have time to do your job?
  • Have you evaluated the Project Complexity properly, to determine if one provider can handle all aspects of your job?
  • Do you need more than one provider?
  • Have you explained this project to the provider clearly and confirmed that he/she understands what is required?

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