GRASPED Marketing Automation Platforms

Selecting the best marketing automation software can be difficult, especially if your budget is limited.

However, you do want your company to grow, right?

So, here's the key, the missing piece, the hidden treasure:

Free marketing automation software!

Many free marketing automation tools can assist you with time-consuming, monotonous, redundant, and repetitive tasks to concentrate on the crucial and exciting creative part of developing your business.

Top Free Marketing Automation Software for Your Business:


Over 86,000 clients are using HubSpot to expand their businesses in more than 120 countries.

HubSpot is a marketing automation tool that will assist you in automating your sales, customer service, and marketing.

With this powerful CRM platform, you can take advantage of many free tools that will help you grow your business:

  • Free CRM tools include email integration, app store integrations, email templates, etc.
  • Free marketing resources include list segmentation, ad management, landing pages, email marketing, and more.
  • Free sales tools include a reporting dashboard, email scheduling, and live chat.
  • Free service tools include messenger integration, chatbots, tracking of emails, notifications, and more.


One of the best marketing software options for small businesses is Zoho Campaigns. Businesses looking to increase sales can use its cloud-based email marketing solutions.

For its free plan, Zoho Campaigns allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month to up to 2,000 subscribers.

Zoho offers some great pre-designed templates for creating campaigns for different social media platforms.


Check out MailChimp if you're looking for a free way to automate marketing campaigns and management.

MailChimp might be the best free tool for you if you use powerful and highly creative newsletters that need to be distributed via social media.

MailChimp's free plan includes the following features:

  • Lists can be segmented into different categories using this tool
  • Managing customer relationships (CRM)
  • Creates landing pages, forms, and websites
  • Marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram using social media
  • Analytics for newsletters

Send Pulse:

Send Pulse is a good option if your company relies heavily on mass marketing to niche markets.

You can utilize Send Pulse for your marketing strategy needs by combining SMS text, emails, web pushes, Viber, and Facebook.

Send Pulse offers the following features as part of their free plan:

  • Email marketing automation
  • Scheduler & email templates
  • A/B testing to determine whether your email strategy is working
  • Statistics and analysis
  • Autoresponders with SMS text/push functionality


Sendinblue offers a wide range of marketing tools specifically designed for small- and medium-sized businesses.

According to business reviews on Finances Online, more than 180,000 companies use Sendinblue for their marketing campaigns.

Sendinblue provides a free plan that includes some of its most powerful tools:

  • Tracking the customer journey for the campaign
  • A maximum of 300 emails per day can be sent to unlimited recipients
  • Email campaigns personalized for each recipient
  • Templates for all kinds of emails
  • Workflow editor with extensive functionality
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