GRASPED The Power of Personalization

Most of the top email marketers have one thing in common: they are always looking for ways to personalize their emails.

Personalizing your email marketing campaigns make your subscribers feel as though they have a closer relationship with you. It helps you establish a stronger connection and essentially nurtures that relationship.

Personalization can also create excitement, make people feel at ease and ultimately drives action.

In fact, studies have shown that emails with customized subject lines are 26% more likely to get opened than those without them, and revenue is about 5.7 times higher with emails that use customization.

Personalized emails also have a six-times increase in transaction rates, and over 80% of consumers say they prefer emails sent from merchants and retailers that recommend products based on previous purchases.

You see, personalization involves more than addressing a subscriber or customer by name. It goes the distance in connecting people with products, services and content that is more likely to resonate and are highly relevant to their interests.

There are many ways you add the power of personalization to your email campaigns, including:

Subject Lines:
Add their first name in the subject line of your emails, or in your introductory/greeting message.

Abandoned Cart Emails:
When sending out automated emails that notify a potential customer that they still have items in their shopping cart, you can integrate personalized reminders and even special, time-limited offers based on their purchase or browsing history.

You can switch photos in your email marketing campaigns to better cater to specific interests or locations. This is an incredibly effective method of improving click-through rates and adding something extra to your messages.

Dynamic Offers:
One of the best ways to skyrocket sales is to personalize the deals and offers sent out to each customer.

For example, if you ran an online clothing store, through dynamic content offers, you could show men’s clothing to your male audience and women’s clothing to your female audience.

Personalized emails involve using the data you’ve collected about each subscriber so that you can tailor content that is most likely to hit the mark.

This means that you will finally be able to avoid creating generic messages and instead, send emails that are aimed specifically at their interests.

And finally, personalized email marketing is proven to improve re-engagement.

In other words, using customized email campaigns, you’ll be able to motivate customers to come back and purchase from you again.

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