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Navigating AI in Content Creation

In a landscape characterized by evolving content creation methods, it's crucial to establish a viewpoint that aligns with our goals and values. The rise of AI-generated content has sparked confusion among many, but I believe we can approach this territory with clarity and reasoned thought.

Let's consider our options: traditional writing, outsourcing, the use of AI, and content spinning.

We now possess an exceptional writing tool. AI crafts content with flawless grammar, sidesteps spelling errors, and refrains from generating rewritten articles unless directed. It generates content that's not only clean but also contributes to a pristine internet landscape, cohesive, aligned with high standards, and fostering excellence.

An important question arises: What if, in the future, search engines decide to penalize or de-index AI-generated content? While it's essential to contemplate such scenarios, living in constant fear is counterproductive. Notably, even Google has delved into this arena with its creation, Bard.

Recently, I encountered free offers from two established online entities. What fascinated me was the content they delivered was AI generated, not even formatted to match their brand, and these were from reputable sources. This experience led me to question the potential. If these successful companies can adopt AI content, there's potential for us too.

Another issue is ChatGPT may produce inaccurate information. In my personal experience working with the tool every day since it appeared on the scene, I have not seen any errors in spelling, grammar, or subject matter. If an error were to be found wouldn’t that spark a conversation amongst your audience and foster some engagement?

Amidst this landscape, we must acknowledge that no one will meticulously adhere to every step in a piece of content, nor will any content producer guarantee success. Personal perspectives and interpretations make such a notion unrealistic. Content, whether articles or blog posts, offer guidance rather than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Personalization is pivotal. Content acquirers should shape it to reflect their own style. Most importantly, this choice isn't a compromise, but an evolution aligned with our mission to provide valuable content to our audience.

The introduction of AI-generated content isn't about substituting human creativity, but rather about leveraging technology to streamline our efforts and serve our audience more effectively. I've had the privilege of witnessing the efficiency and quality that AI-generated content can provide, particularly in information products and marketing topics. It's about achieving our objectives more efficiently while upholding the high content standards we've set.

I'm fully cognizant that AI-generated content isn't flawless. However, I am steadfast in my belief that it serves as a foundation – a canvas on which my audience can construct their own unique interpretations. Similar to an artist starting with a blank canvas and transforming it into a masterpiece, our content forms the basis for personalized creations.

This declaration serves as a guide for those navigating the fog of uncertainty around AI-generated content. It champions efficiency, quality, and personalization, embracing AI as a tool for enhanced content creation.

Use-As-Your-Own Licensing

This declaration is open source for anyone to embrace and integrate into their individual or business contexts. It serves as an adaptable foundation, unburdened by copyright restrictions, allowing you to customize it according to your unique circumstances. Feel empowered to make it your own and align it seamlessly with your needs.

Note: Give it to the AI and tell it a little about your own circumstances and it will tailor it for you.

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GRASPED Position on AI Content - A Declaration

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