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Marcus was the best baker of French macarons in Bordeaux, France. 

Yes, he used to make macarons that would melt gradually inside your mouth as you enjoyed its crust to the fullest. 

Marcus could make them with chocolate mousse or pastry cream, or for parties or galas.
Everyone loved eating his French macarons.

And as Marcus became famous in his neighborhood, he was invited to conduct a workshop for a local baking school.

After completing the workshop, Marcus felt so good that he thought that teaching was his calling, his passion.

Teaching about baking gave him real joy and he decided to create an online course business where he would teach people to make the best French macarons.

The first few months were great as he had two online courses to teach at the local baking school.

However, after a few months, his business went dry. 

It felt great teaching the students about what he genuinely loved, but what he didn’t know was there was more to his online courses than just teaching.

As a solopreneur, Marcus was responsible for Marketing, Accounting, Sales, Administration of the business and ten other functions.

He knew he was amazing at the teaching part, but he kinda sucked at finding people who would want to buy from him.

And then he thought to himself: ‘So many resources are available on the web on digital marketing, I will just spend some time going through them and implement it on my own business.’

So that’s what he did. 

And as he went online jumping from one website to the next, he got lost in the sea of information available on digital marketing.

One YouTube video would tell him to set up his own blog, whereas the next article instructed him to send out emails to leads, and a third free guide on digital marketing talked about strengthening your social media channels.

From having zero ideas, he now had a lot of ideas.

He had a lot of ideas about how to put new offers to existing customers and keep them engaged.

He had a lot of ideas on how to bring in new customers for his courses.

And he had A LOOOT of ideas to create insane profits for his business.

he had no idea where to start?

Marcus had a lot of great ideas about what to do,
but no idea how to do it.

Yes, the free internet is filled with proven marketing strategies for success but if you fall to the dark side, you might find yourself in a wormhole of information asking yourself "How the hell do I implement all of this information?"

If you are in the exact same shoes as Marcus, we understand what you are going through, and we know you are tired of being fed useless information.

We understand that you are overwhelmed, and we have created the ideal product for Solopreneurs like Marcus and you who just have a lot of great ideas.

GRASPED Digital is a one-stop Resource library for Beginner digital marketers, solopreneurs and digital product creators who are completely bamboozled by digital marketing. 

With our subscription library, you get access to more than 50 online resources on digital marketing designed to help you become an expert marketer.

So how will GRASPED Digital help me, you might ask?

Our subscription starts with the exact sTEPS and strategies that you can start taking today, that will help you see measurable results inside your business.

For Example, You Probably Have A Great Product In Place, But Your product offer Is Equally Important For People To Buy From You.

In Our ‘Mastering Product Offers’ Section, We Show You The Exact Process Of Creating Captivating High Ticket Offers For Your Business Using Compelling Copywriting And Secret Techniques That Will Help Your product Stand Out From The Rest.

Our Digitallibrary Contains Resources On All Things Marketing, Ranging From List Building, Lead Magnets And Conversions, Membership Sites, Email Marketing, Traffic Generation, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging And Online Business..

We Also Offer  bonus Resources Every Month On Brand Building, Entrepreneurship, And Building Your Online Business As An Authority In Your Specific Niche...

By The End Of These Resources, We Transform You Into A Digital Nomad Who Has achieved Financial And Personal Freedom And Simplified Your Life So You Can Spend The Rest Of Your Days Enjoying Happiness With Your Family And Friends.

But, but, 50+ resources is too much information, it looks like another sea of information I will be lost in?

Like We Said We Don’t Want To Overwhelm You, So We drip A Specific Number Of Resources Each Month.

The Pace And Order Of These Resources Have Been Designed By Industry Experts Who Have Been Through The Exact Same Journey So That You Don’t Feel overwhelmed.

And the best part?
It all feels as easy as a breeze.

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