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When it comes to deciding on bonuses for a product, it’s important to consider the audience you are targeting and what will appeal to them. Some common bonuses that can be included are:

  1. Access to a private community or forum: This can be a great way for customers to connect with others who have purchased the product and get additional support.
  2. Additional resources or training materials: Consider adding in additional resources that will complement the main product and help customers get even more value from it.
  3. Personalized support or coaching: This could be in the form of one-on-one coaching sessions or access to a support hotline.
  4. Bonus reports, ebooks or tools: If you have additional resources that would be valuable to your customers, consider including them as a bonus.
  5. Discounts on future products or services: Consider offering discounts on future products or services as a way to reward customers for their loyalty.
  1. A trial membership or subscription: Consider offering a trial membership or subscription to a related service as a bonus. This can help customers see the value of the service and potentially convert to a paid subscriber.
  2. A limited-time offer or special deal: Creating a sense of urgency can be a powerful motivator for people to take action. Consider offering a limited-time offer or special deal as a bonus for customers who purchase within a specific timeframe.

Keep in mind that the bonuses you choose should be relevant, valuable and appealing to your target audience. The more aligned the bonuses are with the main product, the more effective they will be in driving sales and customer satisfaction.

Case Study: ABC Product Marketing

ABC Product Marketing was looking to increase sales for their new information product, a comprehensive guide to starting a successful online business. They wanted to offer bonuses to their customers to incentivize them to make a purchase, but they were unsure of what bonuses would be most appealing to their target audience.

To determine the best bonuses, they conducted market research and surveyed their potential customers to understand their needs and wants. Based on the results of their research, ABC Product Marketing decided to offer the following bonuses:

  • Access to a private community forum where customers could connect with others who had purchased the product and receive additional support and guidance.
  • Bonus reports, ebooks, and tools that would complement the main product and provide additional value to customers.
  • A trial membership to a related online business coaching service, allowing customers to see the value of the service and potentially convert to a paid subscriber.
  • A limited-time offer of a discount on future products and services, to reward customers for their loyalty.

By offering these bonuses, ABC Product Marketing was able to increase sales and customer satisfaction. The bonuses were well received by customers, who appreciated the additional value they received with their purchase. The private community forum and bonus reports were especially popular, providing customers with a supportive environment and additional resources to help them succeed in their online business ventures.

By conducting market research and offering relevant and valuable bonuses, ABC Product Marketing was able to create a successful information product that provided their customers with the support and resources they needed to succeed.


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