So you want to be the next internetpreneur?

Then GRASP the only Online Marketing Resources you will ever need!

As an Internetpreneur you have to be....

A Copywriter

You’ll need to force your audience into action by crafting compelling sales messages and advertisements.

A Membership Site Owner

You must turn your prospects into repeat buyers by sharing your best products and content with them, which in turn allows you to make more money.

An Outsourcer

You’ll have to come to terms with the fact that you can't be the master of everything so you’ll have to learn how to outsource overwhelming tasks to save yourself time, money, and your sanity.

An Email Marketer

By implementing strategic proposals that help build, and monetize your email list, you will grab the attention of new and existing clients. But the key is keeping them which is a huge part of being successful.

An Online Business Owner

Finding step-by-step guides to creating and profiting from online digital assets, will have an immense impact on the success of your business.

A Digital Marketer

You’ll have to cultivate a loyal digital alliance with people who are eager to know more about your products and services.

and the list goes on...

...What? No one explained Internet Marketing to you? Watch these videos to find out more... (no opt-in required)

Digital marketing has revolutionized the potential for online businesses like yours, so you can create loyal and happy customers with ease.

So what are you waiting for? Unlock the benefits of digital marketing with GRASPED courses and resource materials.

Discover the training we GRASPED for you...

Heres a sneak peek inside...

Marketing Principles with Tips, Tricks, and Examples

Module 1: GRASPED Blogging Strategies

Over the Shoulder Demos, Playbooks, and Masterclasses

Module 1: GRASPED Reach Serious Buyers on Shopify

Proven Money Making Methods, Strategies, and Techniques


What people are saying

Taylor Wright

Graphic Designer

"I've been very interested in Internet Marketing for years and I've never seen such a wide variety of courses. Its amazing how many of them cross reference each other. I highly recommend GRASPED Digital."

Roland Ford


"I have found the resources here at GRASPED Digital to be not only very inspiring, but absolutely packed full of practical information for anyone wanting to succeed in business on the Internet. They are also well organized."

The GRASPED Advantage

Get all of these benefits and so much more when you sign up for our resource library...

Specialized Content

Through our tested comprehensive content delivered in a conversational tone you’ll get content that is specifically designed for solopreneurs and beginner marketers on a budget just like you!

Pivoted for Success

Our one-stop training library will help you to develop a solid understanding of digital marketing fundamentals that guarantee proven results.

Self-paced Learning

Not in the mood to study today? Don’t worry about it. Our self-paced content is flexible to your mood and schedule, accessible immediately from any of your devices.


Videos and audio content are enhanced with the groundbreaking Neural Text-To-Speech
(NTTS) technology developed by Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, so you get the best quality.

Over the Shoulder Demos

There are many apps that you hear fellow marketers mention all the time, but I bet you’ve never heard of someone who had an inside look and a thorough grounding in each one, so you can find out precisely what they can do for you. This is just a piece of the pie at GRASPED.

AI and Machine Learning

GRASPED has developed a suite of technologies such as GRASPED Search (GS). GS grows with you, so it can deliver what you need, when you need it. It just gets better and better the more you use it. Like a gift that just keeps giving. (COMING SOON)

OpenAI's Chat GPT

GRASPED has established a dedicated section for AI-generated content, powered by OpenAI's language model, ChatGPT. Using human-generated prompts, this section aligns with our existing human-created resources.

GRASPED The Creator Economy

What people are saying

Lisa Kent

Content Writer

"The resources are very well structured for easy understanding especially to those who are new to digital marketing and want to learn."

Thomas Johnson

Affiliate Marketer

"Getting access to these resources was an exciting opportunity, it’s great to have a diversity of information all in one place. Thank you GRASPED for your inspirational resource of digital marketing training material. All the best for the future."

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GRASPED Free Traffic Guide

gRASPED Free Traffic Guide

Getting people’s attention on the web may seem difficult, but not until you see these golden rules of traffic generation! For the first time ever, GRASPED is revealing top-level information that guarantees to get your audience’s attention, and get them to...


GRASPED Your First Infopackage

When a lot of people think about creating a package of materials to sell, they get overwhelmed. Create one piece of content... sure. But what about creating 10, 20 or more pieces in a mixed bag of reports, courses, worksheets, templates, checklists and me...


+ more being added every month...

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