client orientation

At GRASPED we operate differently

At GRASPED you are never alone, there is always someone around the corner to guide you. In this orientation you will be introduced to the staff here at GRASPED, and what they do to make things great.

Creating excellent value for our clients through our unique style of delivery, with staff who guide you all the way.

About us

Jenny is our Brand Rep here at GRASPED Digital. On our About Us page she introduces our mission and breaks it down into bite sized pieces. Everyone at GRASPED returns here when we want to reconnect with our core values and remind ourselves what it is we are working to achieve for our members. Watch the video and see if you think we are on the right track.

Home Page Presentation

Kyle is our senior sales presenter here at GRASPED, he takes on the big story.
In "GRASPED The Movie," which features on our home page, Kyle explains the dilemma Internet marketers of all ages face when they first decide they want to start making money online. Join us for 6 minutes and watch our featured video.


Sharon is our administrator here at GRASPED In her video she takes us through the pricing and membership models we use here at GRASPED. Management understands that people visiting GRASPED are looking for ways to make money, not spend it, so, with our special offers we have kept prices to a minimum and have prepared a free offering that should answer many burning questions.

Welcome to SILVER

Kyle is back to welcome visitors and new members to Silver level membership. Silver is our free membership that we offer all our website visitors who arrive at GRASPED. Silver is packed full of Internet Marketing gems, too much to go into here, watch the video and have Kyle explain it all to you.

When You don't have access

Kevin from IT explains why you might not have access to protected pages on the site. If you click on a protected page, you will be redirected to Kevin. He explains our membership levels, in much the same way that Sharon explains them above, except he introduces a multimedia element, being the geek he is. Watch his video for more information.

About our email autoresponders

Kevin from IT explains what we use our automatic email systems for. Because a lot of our memberships are time based, the email system helps us measure how long you have been a member and what products you get access to at what time. In this video Kevin explains what emails Silver members can expect when they sign up, management wants us to be transparent about this. If you are a Silver member and you wish to join the bonus newsletter Kevin mentions, click here.

Learning centre

Ashley is our product presenter at GRASPED, she is here to welcome people when they arrive at our Learning Centre. When you click through to any of our resources Ashley is there to provide an overview. Join Ashley at our Learning Centre and see what we have to offer.

advice corner

Karen is a life coach by profession, she heads up Advice Corner. When it comes to marketing, Karen knows her stuff and delivers it fast with a double-edged sword. Sometimes we need to hear things we dont always like and Karen will tell us quickly what we need to know. Watch one of her earlier videos as she explains the importance of avoiding negativity as an Internet Marketer.

Steps to follow on your journey with us...

Step 1

Look around our site and Join Silver!

Step 2

Take in all the free content available in the Silver membership. Once you are ready to get into it for real, join Gold so you can get serious about your online journey.

Step 3

Soak in the first month or two's content until you can’t stand the restrictions of Gold any longer. Instead of tediously waiting for each month to come around, purchase Platinum, we are sure you will get it at a discount having already been a member for a while.

Step 4

If you are still inside the first month period of Platinum, click the magic button that will deliver to you the last 9 months of content.


Look, it doesn’t stop there, we will be adding new content all the time so you will never be short of something new, and it will all be included in your membership. Even Silver and Gold members will still get the first module of all our new content, free! GRASPED is offering a win win for everyone.

Thanks to our awesome team

Jenny james

brand Representative

Kyle Sapiro

Sales presenter

Ashley Tatum

product presenter

sharon Edwards


Kevin Luthor

IT support

Karen Jamison

life coach

A few words from management...

I wanted to give a warm welcome to all our visitors and customers at GRASPED Digital. I give my personal guarantee that the quality of all GRASPED assets, are kept to a high quality and standard. To ensure this is the case we would appreciate your help, our Contact Us form is designed so you can use it to report any errors you may find while navigating the site.

GRASPED are committed to providing services that meet, and frequently exceed, customer requirements and expectations, through the use of continually evolving and improving our technologies and processes. 

GRASPED is not associated with any training institutions, nor does it follow any government standards or regulations. The training materials we provide were created and licensed from Internet marketers for Internet marketers, so everything has been tried, tested, and proven to work.

Having said that, I should add that any results or earnings mentioned in any of the training material are not typical. Each person will have a unique experience when it comes to Internet marketing, and we aim to provide you the best experience and learning environment possible.

steven brough

Creative Director

In the interests of quality, we would appreciate your help.

Our Contact Us form is designed so you can use it to report any errors you may find

while navigating the site.