GRASPED Metaverse Wealth Creation Module 5

Who is Building the Metaverse?

Hello and welcome back to our next lecture from this course on Metaverse, wealth creation. Now this lecture is entitled who is building the metaverse and we are going to dive into some information related. Which are the parties involved in? Basically, let's say the future of this, this industry. So, let's dive in. That it's an interesting question.

And basically, the answer is simple or parties who have resources invested in this trend are building the metaverse. If we were to give some examples, we have hardware companies like Vidya companies, which are launching meta versus like meta, basically x Facebook, which you already know, it's a huge company, or Roblox, which basically is a company who is designing games.

And it's designing games in a very specific ways because it's actually giving the Liberty the freedom to people, to design them as they want. Then we have investors and venture capital funds. And we also have retail investors, which are betting on the future of the industry and of the multiverse.

Basically, every entity out there, which has resources allocated in this industry, is actually building it and contributing to it. And that's pretty much it. So, all the parties which are involved in somehow and have resources directed in this direction can be considered to contribute a building this industry. Thank you for watching, and we're looking forward to seeing you in the next lecture.

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