GRASPED Metaverse Wealth Creation Module 6

Advertising In the Metaverse.

Hello and welcome to the next lecture from discourse on Metaverse wealth creation. In this lecture we are going to discuss about commercial application which can be of importance actually of big importance. And that is advertising in the metaverse. Now, why can this be of importance because this is, let's say business model in which you can get involved fairly easily compared to others, and which doesn't require you, or let's say your big investments in the beginning, if you want.

So, we already have companies that do in game advertising, which means placing ads inside of video games. We have seen this happening over and over in time. For different types of industries, we have actually seen ads for political campaigns, and so on, inside of games, which is actually an interesting fact. Okay. But a new form of advertising is emerging right now with the with obviously the start of this digital worlds, and that is called in world advertising.

Okay. It's somehow a new term, but it reflects very well the future of advertising and basically, it reflects the fact that you are going to do a form of advertising inside a digital world inside a metaverse. Now some of the emerging companies in this field are and as, you can basically check them out. Very interesting companies, and these are companies which already are offering and implementing this type of advertising.

So, these are, these companies are pioneer, are pioneers, okay, as agencies of advertising into the metaverse. In the case of games, it's also surprising the fact that more than 95% of the gamers have said that ads make games feel more like real life, so they actually enjoy them. Obviously, you can profit from this in many ways from this new form of advertising in the metaverse.

Again, you get you can start your own arbitrage company for ads inside the different meta versus, okay, you can negotiate with owners of different buildings which have AD spaces and resell that ad space for a higher price to an actual company. This is somehow a kind of all you can actually do a kind of a joint venture deal.

Also, you could just buy assets as buildings where people or agencies can place these ads and you can charge them money for them. You can design specific ads for specific metal versus interior charge clients for that specific thing. You can advertise your own business to reach new audiences and clients, and this would actually be a huge, huge advantage or benefit. Okay, so these are like the main things on how you can benefit from this advertising in the metals. Thank you very much for watching, and we're looking forward to seeing you in the next lecture.

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