GRASPED Metaverse Wealth Creation Module 9

How To Find Good Projects?

Hello, and welcome to our final lecture, which is actually a bonus lecture from this course. Metaverse wealth creation. And this lecture refers to the topic on how to find good projects. So, let's dive in. First of all, what you can do is go on into the calendar section and select the ICO option. You can see a list there with all upcoming projects where you can participate in the public sale. An alternative to Is

It's another platform, which is very, very good. And shows you a lot of details about two projects and also shows some different projects, which maybe you cannot find on coin market cap. And basically, you can see them more in advance as well, you don't have all the exact dates for all of them. But still, you can see which projects are coming.

And for, let's say, around two or three weeks ahead, you can see the exact dates from more than one month ahead, you can actually see the month, for example, it's very unlikely for you to be able to see the exact date for a project, which is announced to be launched in January. But at least you know, it's announced to be launched in January. And you can check again in December or was it a few days to see the exact date. You have to see where the projects will be launched.

Right, because most projects now are usually released on launch pads. launch pads are platforms which have different communities around them. And you can be a member of that community. And if you're a member of that community, you can participate in these fundings of different projects in these public sales. Basically, this launchpads somehow decentralize, investing or startup fundraising. Right. That's how that's how they work. And in order for you to be able to participate in this fundraise for this project, or in these public sales, usually you need to have a token of the of the launch pad, okay, so the launch pads themselves have tokens.

Now, here are a couple of things that you should consider when you are researching a project you want to invest in, there are a lot of things to cover regarding the launch pads and how to actually get to get the opportunity or chance to participate in a public sale or in an ideal which means initial tax offering. So basically, when, when a first initial sale at a good price it's made to the public. But that is a different discussion. And you can check this launch pads.

For most of these launch pads, you need to buy their own tokens and the specific quantities of their own tokens in order to somehow get an allocation and be able to get into this into the sales for different new projects. Now on the on the other hand, how you choose the projects, first of all, you need to do proper research. You need to check their team and their track record for example. It's riskier obviously to invest in a project where you don't know the team, okay, you don't know anything about the team about the CEO or the marketing officer about the financial officer about the legal advisor about the developers.

So basically, if you don't know anything about the team it's a little bit riskier. Right. So, check their team if the thing is okay if you can see their LinkedIn profiles, if you can see them on Twitter, if you can see that they are active if you if you can see that their experience states they have participated in other projects as well or at least they have good experience in their field in those specific projects, then that is a good sign. The fourth thing check their investors and roadmap usually before there is a public sale, there are other seed rounds Okay.

Initially there is a seed round where basically these new projects raise money from strategic investors, and they are usually showing which the strategic investors are. Now if you are seeing that the project has strategic investors, which are usually bigger funds like venture capital funds and so on, and you are going to see if you do more research, you are going to see that there are a couple of big ones if you can see that.

You have some important venture capitals or funds; this is also a good sign it means they have trusts from people who have experience and who have invested already their money there. Okay. Another thing you should look at is the roadmaps. Okay, so basically, what targets at which specific times the basically the project wants to achieve the team wants to achieve, okay, it should have a pretty specific roadmap.

And they should actually kind of stick to that roadmap, obviously. Then another thing, see what is the best schedule for the token relay. So, let's say you are getting inside and you are able to buy tokens, you are not going to basically have access to all of them at once. They have a vesting schedule. So basically, after you buy, you're going to get specific part of the tokens released usually 10%, or 20, or 25%.

And then every month for like, one year or six months, you get another percentage of the tokens. This has been created in order to avoid the dumping of the token after a project has raised money and has been listed on exchanges. So again, this is an important part of taking consideration. Because you are going to want to sell a part of your tokens to recover the investment pretty quickly.

Then the fifth thing that you should, obviously you should do, if everything looks promising, you can try and get in the public sale. Now a couple of tips which are somehow related to what you have seen before. One, a lot of projects, organized contests, to give a number of guaranteed allocations to participants. This is good news for you, because it means that you don't have necessarily to be from to be part of the community of a launchpad.

And by their token, you can just try your luck and do some very simple tasks, like follow the pager that project on Twitter, and you have the chance to get a guaranteed allocation so you can participate in the sale. A second thing that you can do is try to network with team members and be helpful. Maybe you know, some people who can help that project, maybe you have some marketing skills, maybe other things as well.

So, offering them something in exchange of allocation. If it is possible, obviously, it will not work on all projects with all the things but in some cases it might work. And the fourth tip is to get into groups that are special groups on telegram or discord, where actually people sell their allocations, right, so they don't want to buy a token anymore, but they have a guaranteed allocation, and they sell it for a higher price.

Usually, you might catch some good deals like that. But you have to do your research too, right? So you don't lose money. Okay? If the project has a lot of potential, it might be a good idea for you to buy their allocation because you will buy it at a higher price. But if it's not a very good or high project, you should probably don't do it. But obviously you do your own research. Now thank you very much for your attention and we help all of this was helpful for you.

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