GRASPED Metaverse Wealth Creation Module 7

Data Protection And Privacy In The Metaverse.

Hello and welcome to our next lecture from the course Metaverse wealth creation. In this brief lecture we are going to cover the topic of data protection and privacy in the metaverse as is an important topic to cover in absolutely anything new that covers anything to do with data protection and privacy obviously.

So, again, this is an important topic to be discussed is data privacy is the subject for scandal and problems many times you have seen it across different platforms, different industries. It appears a lot of times in the media, and it suffers a lot of changes in time. Also, given the fact that meta had issues in the past, meta being Facebook in the past, regarding data privacy, many people are afraid that such issues will arise again in the future.

Probably many of you have seen the scandals around the data privacy issues that a lot of let's say social media networks, and other platforms from the internet have faced in the recent past. In any case, all rights are related to the use of personal data apply for any platform, or app or anything regarding the metaverse as well.

And basically, these rights are the right to be informed the right of access the right to erasure the right to restrict processing the right to data portability, the right object, the right to data collection, and rights relating to automated decision making and profiling. These are very important to be mentioned.

Because again, it's a topic which is very, very sensitive for everyone and which is let's say hardly regulated by different institutions, and governments. Thank you again for watching and we are looking forward to seeing you in the next lecture.

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