GRASPED Metaverse Wealth Creation Module 8

GRASPED Metaverse Wealth Creation Lecture 8

Hello and welcome back to our next lecture from this course Metaverse, wealth creation. Now this next lecture covers the topic is the metaverse opportunity for music. Obviously, music is, is a form of art, which is very popular, and which obviously can have a big part or can profit from the trend of the metaverse. So given the fact that many things have moved in the digital space, because of the pandemic, many events, including concerts, have also moved from real life in the digital space.

Again, obviously, this can be a reason of concern for artists and event producers because on one hand, they, let's say, lose money from, from the fact that events are not held, and concerts aren't held anymore. But it can also be an opportunity to reach new audiences and capitalize faster and at a much higher scale. Right, because you reach new audiences.

For famous artists who are holding events in real life, this can be a big opportunity because they can give access to events to people who could not maybe afford in real life to go to the events, right, there are bands out there who have all the events sold out. So even if you can afford them, you cannot go to them because you don't find tickets anymore.

So, an opportunity. An opportunity arises from this. Because, you know, you can organize events in the multiverse and basically people who cannot go in the physical world, okay, in the real world, they can attend the concert in the metaverse. Now, on the other hand, for new artists, there is an opportunity as well. new artists can profit from this new emerging trend, and from the lower costs lower than in the traditional, let's say, venues that they were using.

So, they have lower costs to get traction faster, and obviously to reach out to many people at a faster pace. Also, artists and brands will be able to capitalize through NFT's non fungible tokens to sell unique digital items to their community and fans. The possibilities are endless and looking into the future. The Metaverse seems to represent more of an opportunity for brands and artists than a threat. Thank you for watching, and we are looking forward to seeing you in our next lecture.

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